March 14, 2015

Berry and Cakes Trek to Ibadan - Part 3


Finally! I thought I would never get to the end of these Ibadan posst. How on earth did I think everything would fit in one post?!?!?!?!?!? See Part 1 and Part 2 if you're just joining us.

That said, let's get on with the post. Our final stop before lunch was Agodi Gardens. I think the full name is Agodi Park & Gardens.

From their website, I've garnered that it's being developed to be a full scale resort, complete with golf, chalets, forest walk, spa, etc. For now though, it has a restaurant, water park, animal enclosure among other attractions (I think it would be a perfect spot for a wedding).

Unfortunately, because we started our trip later than planned, we had barely 20-30 minutes to spare when we got there. The entry fee was mind-boggling to me - JUST N500!!! How?!?!? In Lagos, you would be talking at least N2000. To be fair, if you want to swim, it was an extra N1000. We got in and everyone split up to see what they wanted to.

Cakes and I headed straight for the restaurant because he wasn't sure about eating the scheduled Amala with Ewedu and Gbegiri. I had already said from the beginning that there was absolutely no way in heck I would try it. So we ordered Chicken and Chips from the restaurant and then took a walk around the park, taking photos.

Doesn't this place look gorgeous? I could totally have you believing I was somewhere in Europe, right?

Me and my #1 Boyfriend :)
Somebody cut me off :p

With Mr Theo of Modamo Photography - Hilarious guy!

Don't laugh at us, and we mean no disrespect, but in the next few photos we were trying to do our best GEJ (President Jonathan) impression. LOOOOOOOOL!

We found different spots with food - popcorn if you wanted, hotdogs and stuff, and ASUN (bleh goat meat)

This tree has an unusual stump/step

One thing I really liked about the place was the vegetation. There was a pretty little garden close to the entrance, and I liked that some of the trees had signs that described them and gave a little bit of information.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!

I remember this plant from childhood!

After we left, we navigated our way to what Dolapo (tour guide) said was the most popular spot for Amala and Ewedu in Ibadan. Cakes and I had our chicken and chips from Agodi Gardens, so we weren't interested in the local fare. When we walked out of the car, I was the first one out, and there was this wave of the Amala aroma... I quickly spun back around, no joke! The biggest thing that makes me picky with food is smells. If I don't like the way something smells, I usually don't like the taste. That's why I don't eat goat meat, cheese, oatmeal, boiled eggs, etc.

Anyway, I summoned up enough courage to go in with everyone else. They were all so excited about the food and couldn't wait to dig in. And once Cakes figured out pounded yam was available to eat with the ewedu (instead of amala), he decided to order some. By this point, I decided that I was doing myself a disservice by not trying out the food. After all, I don't know when I'll go back to Ibadan. Here was the famous Amala and Ewedu (with Gbegiri) in the region where it's apparently made best, and I was going to let this opportunity pass me by?

Hell to the naw!!!

Well, no point in showing the video of my trying it. I didn't like it one bit. I'm sorry folks, my already picky tongue just didn't agree with the taste (and no, this had absolutely nothing to do with my height or weight - see last post's comments if you're lost - I'm still laughing by the way BUAHAHAHAHAHA).

Well, after lunch, we were quite a bit behind schedule and we got in the bus and started heading back to Lagos. Our original ETA was 5pm, but we got back at about 6:30 or 6:45 I think. All in all, it was a VERY FUN trip, and I highly recommend Naija Treks for future excursions. I think they plan private ones too (but I'm not 100% sure). Visit their website, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Oh well, I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit about Ibadan with me. Thanks so much to everyone who left positive comments, and especially those who helped me understand the whole Olubadan process. Now for those of you like Funmi Reese who live in places without exploring, I hope you're inspired to take a weekend and look around you. You never know what treasures are waiting for you to find them.

Love you guys!


  1. Yayy!! You're so adventurous Berry. I'm from Ibadan and it was good seeing my city. I think I'll be visiting Agodi Gardens the next time I'm home thanks to this post.

    1. Awww, nice one! I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot.

  2. OMG!! one would think this isnt NIgeria.. I will visit this place whhen next i find myself in ibadan

  3. man that just made my mouth water.

  4. My question is 'who ended up eating Cake's portion of the Chicken and Chips ehhhh..since he opted for Pound? This foodie wants 2 know :D
    Btw dis igbo babe loves Amala and the yummy
    Nice tour

    1. *hides face* I might have eaten some of his chips. And a small part of his chicken. :p


  5. I did my Nysc in ibadan, before then i didnt like amala, but berry, after going to that ola mummy, choi!!! Mehnnn, i was hooked, another lovely amala joint is skylolo... *yes i love food*.
    Love love love your blog and personalty. :*

    1. LOL, really?! Tastes change sha. I could never drink coffee until 2011 when my friend made the most delicious cup for me. Haven't stopped since.


  6. It was great travelling with you Berry! Had so much fun.

  7. mehn berry you have gained so much weight!!! wow!

  8. Inspiring post for sightweeing - I suppose I should start this "Charity begins at home" thingy by visiting Obudu Cattle Ranch first........

  9. Wow! Nigeria are doing big things
    The park looks amazing
    As does the food *belly rumble* looooool


  10. I love all the pictures, the garden is really beautiful - my absolute fave out of all the others. The amala looks good.

  11. Beautiful pictures, I haven't been to Ibadan in a while. Lol @ the food, I am not a swallow fan period, so I understand. But oatmeal, what's not to love, lol

  12. I love trips and places with history! Fun trip you guys had.
    Your explanation makes it even fun reading, Berry.


  13. Errrrmmm - I don't know if that photo of the goat heads was meant to dissuade some of us from eating goat meat. I assure you, it didn't work (but I did pause sha).

    Anyhoo, I usually go to Ibadan when I'm home because momsie is from Ibadan and I still have family there to visit. I've heard her mention Mapo Hall a number of times, I should ask her about it. I've never heard of Agodi Gardens but it is now on my list, thanks to you :)

  14. wow. Those photos are beautiful.... I never believe some where like that could be in Ibadan. lolz

    Am new here(My first comment)

  15. Aww glad you liked Ib. next time you come to visit Ib holla @ me I could be your tour guide (for free!!!). Trusting that IB would be more beautiful, we really need more parks


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