March 14, 2014

What I'm Watching/Reading Online

Buongiorno tutti!

While browsing the interwebs this week, I've seen a bunch of things online that I thought were interesting. And so, I thought to share with you :)

  1. Nigerians Abroad Reality Show Pilot

    I saw it via Bella Naija, and the comments on the post was what made me watch it for myself. A lot of the comments said the subjects of the show are fake, with fake accents (I don't quite agree). It's not a great show, but it's not half bad either. I could watch another episode.
  2. Sexual Assault Survivors Answer "What Were You Wearing When You Were Assaulted?"
    I saw this on Buzzfeed. Someone posed a question on Twitter asking sexual abuse survivors what they were wearing when it happened. It was very eye-opening. A lot of times, people try to blame the victim - "Well, why is she wearing a mini skirt? Why was she showing cleavage?" - as if, it's the victim's clothes that MADE the person abuse them.
  3. Three Year-Old Argues with Mum
    My friend sent me the link to this video. The comments vary from "He's sooooooooo cute," to "He got this from his father," to "He's such a disrespectful child and lacks discipline." I just thought the way he argued was funny.

That's all folks! Have a nice weekend. I know I will because it's somebori's buffday tomorrow. Not me o.

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  1. I just watching this with my sister on Skype and she was like all this is some time wasting stuff, she should just start the spanking already! I can't imagine talking to my mom, dad or even elders like craze!

    Saw the Nigerians abroad thing and did not like it so much, for starters I wish the showed a range of Nigerians, the successful, the hustlers, the johnny just come. All the girls seem quite.....don't know the word for it but I won't want my sister on the show.

  2. The rape one is so sad. Anytime I hear a rape story I get so angry I want to take a knife and go cut up the perpetrators. Hardly christianly I know but I get so mad.


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