March 31, 2014

My weekend

Hey everyone,

How was your weekend? I hope you had a nice one like I did.

On Friday night, Cakes' brothers wanted to hang out and go clubbing. I was kinda skeptical because I really don't like "joints." As much as I enjoy fresh air, I really don't enjoy sitting out at night because my skin/blood has a special ingredient that all kinds of insects are addicted to. Well, sure enough, it was one of the joints in Lekki - Hedges and Smith. We were there for about 30 minutes before I started feeling tired and ready to go home, but Cakes managed to keep me there for an hour longer before we headed home. There was an interesting conversation that I will blog about later on in the week.

On Saturday, my plan was to stay home ALL DAY LOOOOOONG, but I had completely forgotten about a Food/Cooking event arranged by the Connect Group/Ministry at my church. Luckily I checked my email and rearranged my day. For this meetup, people who came were treated to a live Master Class by Chef Fregz! He chose to make his yummy Omawonder, and 2 lucky guests were randomly selected to cook along :)
There was a lot of talk about food, like how to filet a fish, how to properly clean prawns/shrimps, how to seduce your husband into eating more healthy food and stop with the deep-frying (of course I DID NOT bring up that last topic, but since you want to know, dress up (or not *wink wink*) and say to him "Baby, you know I love you and care about you, and I want you to be with me as long as possible so let's keep your health in check and say bye-bye to deep-fried foods.).

Mooooving on, here are some pictures from the event. Oh, I won a free packet of Knorr Cubes!

Kitchen setup

Recipe for Omawonder

"Are you taking my picture?!"

Milk fish

This is how to filet a fish.

Erm, can't remember what this was... but expert food tip: Mix/blend spices together to create something unique. By the way, did you know that Curry isn't one spice? It's a spice blend! That's why Jamaican curry is different from Thai curry is different from Indian curry, etc.

The lucky 2 contestants.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world! Learn something new everyday.

Chopping away

Watch this - he's talking to us and still chopping away!

Expert hosting tip: Use nice looking plates! It can enhance the look of your food! I like Symphony dinnerware. I wish I could buy ALL their stuff. You can find them at Spar/Park N Shop stores.

Right after this, is when my camera died, so phone pics from here on...
Final product. The garnish is a spring onion sliced at the tips - automatically curls!

Afterwards, Cakes and I headed to Lekki Leisure Lakes for my friend's birthday party. We just chilled, had drinks, got on the boat thingy, took pictures, laughed and had a generally good time.

My cheeks :(
On Sunday, I decided to stay in all day. I slept in a bad position last week and my neck was hurting for almost a week, so I thought it would be best to just stay in and rest my pretty little head. That worked for maybe an hour, and then I decided to clean up the kitchen, make lunch, clean the bathroom, and succeeded in doing 3 to 4 loads of laundry. Now I'm in bed, getting this blog post ready and Cakes had to rub Robb on my neck cos it's hurting a little bit again.

And THAT, my friends was my weekend :D

Oh, and see the cakes Cakes has made recently :)

Now tell me how yours went :)

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  1. You had so much Fun,
    Mine was col too: On Saturday i was ready for a wedding but stopped at the door and turned back (dunno why),On Sunday i spent my evening Reading a book( covenant child)......I had a Restful Weekend
    I Love the last Cake....Lovely!!

  2. @ Ugo: Lol, I initially read your comment as "WAS stopped at the door..."

    Restful weekends are the best!

    1. Hahaha<
      I think it's the Award that's turning your eyes upside

  3. Wow! The cakes!! Looks great..
    Marriage looks great on you both (sorry to sound cliche but it's true :-)
    This weekend, got my hair done (necessary), went to church (Mother's Day service), chilled and started reading 'She stoops to Conquer'.. xx

    1. Lol, thanks I guess.

      Can't wait to take my hair out. I miss my own hair, and I started reading Twelve Years A Slave last night. Will be done before the weekend, I'm sure.

  4. I wish I could say I did somthing profound. My weekend was jst dere.

  5. I envy people that always have fun weekends. I work all weekend long. :(

    1. Awww, sawry. Is it fun work that I can try once?

  6. Hmm lovely cakes by Cakes! Funny I also had a "live cooking" demo at church too but the diff was I did the demo of one if the recipes on my blog :). It went down so well! That made my weekend! Had a fab Mothering Sunday service and I along with another were the MCs for the day. I think I should incorporate MC services now lol

  7. I stayed home and read all weekend long!!! Then, I conquered the papers yesterday...

  8. Nice cakes... I really like the second one.
    My weekend was stressful.
    I had to go to work on saturday and travell on sunday.
    Totally forgot mothers day too. :(

    1. Ooopsies! Hopefully you can rest this coming weekend :)

      And better late than never to remember mother's day.

  9. Those cakes!.....damn!

    Weekend. Stayed home and studied as usual.

  10. Saturday I went for the Jeep car show which was terribly boring but they had pretty exciting small chops which I devoured though the canap├ęs were stale cos they were reserving it for VVIP that never showed up. Lmao.

    Sunday had me seeing my supervisor and heading back to sagamu to prepare for my exams. Did the little laundry I had, slept and studied till late night.

    1. A car show?!?! Where? Why wasn't I told? I don't appreciate cars but Cakes might have enjoyed it.

      Eya, the life of a student :p

  11. gosh, that food looks yummy, looks like you had a swell time!!


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