March 28, 2014

Random Thoughts

Just thoughts that enter my head...

  1. Beauty bloggers are constantly reviewing products like eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, foundations, etc. I know a lot of them get the products for free, but don't a lot of the products go to waste? You can't possibly use up a 24 eye-shadow palette in less than 6 months, can you? It'd take me a year plus.
  2. I'm beginning to get confused because I could have sworn it was pronounced "Nigh-Jee-Ria." But you put on the radio or TV and the broadcasters pronounce it as "Nigh-JEH-Ria." Someone said it's based on region, but I'm sure it's because of people trying to speak with an accent and now they've forgotten how to pronounce it.
  3. Why is juicing such a big deal now, especially given the fact that it doesn't contain fiber? I thought fiber was a good thing. :-S
  4. I'm thinking of starting up a website - - This website would basically be a photo-based public-shaming of all these men in Nigeria that feel the need to pee in public!!! It's so bloody annoying. Basically, if you see someone peeing in the streets, run up (actually drive so you can run away quicker), take a snapshot on your phone, and submit it to the website.
  5. I wish I had a driver. I mean that was one of things I most looked forward to before I moved back. It's been almost 3 years (WOW, time flies) and yet, no driver. The thing that scares me is getting someone who will disappear with the car, or get into an accident. Yes, I have stranger-trust issues, but who doesn't?
That's it on the randomness for today :)

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  1. It's NI-JEER-IA. Think of how Algeria or Liberia is pronounced. It's the same thing with Nigeria. It's neither NI-JEE-RIA or NI-JEH-RIA.

    But who cares though? As long as I know that you mean Naija, there shouldn't be any problem. Hahahaha!!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, isn't it LI-BAY-RIA? Now I'm truly confused.

  3. I thought I got it all pronounced properly.. Now you people are confusing me lol.
    I like pees website - haha.. The Lagos state government should even pay you a commission for it - Helping them to enforce the law + catch culprits who will pay the fine!

  4. I'm down with point No. 4. I saw a guy just this afternoon bringing out his "ish" and doing it on the street. Its really annoying.

  5. 1. A lot of beauty bloggers do giveaways, are makeup artists or simply use a lot of products daily so I'm sure that helps a bit.
    3. Fiber is a good thing. I like juice and yay for more fruit but I feel you.

  6.!! LOLL!!! Berry! Hahahhaa.

    I low what you mean about having a driver o. I like driving though but I had bad days when I was like ok, I need a driver. I guess you'll have to build the trust if you decide to get one...


  7. @ having a driver. You can collect your keys when you get to work and had it back at the end of the day. My sis did with her driver after her colleague's driver stole her car. Also install a tracker.

  8. Juicing is just a fad that will pass, people are just looking for new ways 'shortcuts' to better health; fruits have so much sugar and the natural fibre content helps to stabilise insulin spike. Why people will want to drink their nutrients when they have teeth beats me, I love crunch to my husband's dismay (my eating carrots or apples terrorises him ha). x

  9. Berry I'm with you on No 4. The website would be flooded with pictures in no time considering how much Nig men pee in public. .. disgusting.

  10. i saw a guy pee by the road just beside where i was seated in the car. He peed and then farted for good measure. I was just looking away trying not to notice when I heard "brraap!" I was like no way. It was def a once in a lifetime experience.

  11. I nominated you for Shine on and Sunshine award on my blog
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  12. Imagine seeing a family member on a site like Naijapees (^_^) That would be hilariousss. Unfortunately, Nigerian public toilets are nothing to write home about. And what's a man to do when he really needs to pee LOL!


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