August 28, 2013

Testing Testing


I just downloaded the Blogger app on my Samsung S4 and after typing up a boatload of text for this post, my battery was dying so I went back to the phone's home screen before plugging in my charger. I came back to blogger and all the text is gone!!!!!!!!!! I had typed and re typed and was witty and excited about my first post using the app and now this!?


I will just use bullet points cos I can't start all over again. *rolls eyes*

• Blogger app is crap if it won't automatically save drafts like on the web version!

• Samsung S4 screens are very fragile! It's been less than a month and my screen is cracked already. Okay I didn't have a phone case then cos I thought it was too expensive at N7000. Well I got one right after it cracked and the case had gone down to N4000.

• If you register your phone's iemi number after buying your phone, you're automatically registered for a 2-yr warranty during which Samsung will fix screen and liquid damages twice.

• I don't know how to add a photo to this post using the app. *3 minutes later* Yes I do.

Toodles and crayfish noodles to you poodles!

*I see your blank stare :p*


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I'm proud of myself for posting using the Blogger app.

  2. u just read my mind at the end#blankstare

  3. Pls where did you get ur S4 case from?? And is it the kind that has the flap? I hate flaps. Thank u. love love love love ur post with cakes on Bella Naija. I love ur love. BTW did u check out the book? 'lets pretend this never happened'?

    1. #1. Got it from

      #2. Yup, it has a flap. I'm not sure there are any without flaps that will properly protect the screen.

      #3. Thank you soooooooo much!

      #4. Not yet. I'll look for it this week.


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