August 7, 2013

The lady who will NOT be moving back to Nigeria

Hello lovely ones,

A couple of days ago, I came across a video of a young Nigerian woman who lives in the US. She posted a video on Youtube, making it clear to anyone who watches, that she will not ever move back to Nigeria. I just want you to watch it, and then I'll share my thoughts.

  1. I will not comment on the fact that she said she's actively trying to shed her accent. Although, for the record, she still has some work to do because I CAN hear the Nigerian accent.
  2. I 100% agree that Nigeria has a JUSTICE problem. What is the point of having laws against bribery and corruption, if those laws will not be adhered to or enforced? Case in point, THE DAMN OKADAS are back in LAGOS!!! (I realize this is a very minor issue in the grand scheme of things)
  3. Truth be told, there was an internal argument going on in my head. One side was angry, because how dare she list only the problems Nigeria has? The other side of me wanted to melt into the ground with shame for Nigeria.
  4. If the main reason why she won't move back to Nigeria is because she wants to save orphans, then she's thoroughly missed the mark as there are orphans in Nigeria too, that might not be accessible from outside. 
  5. I think some Nigerians (those who live in and like Nigeria) WILL get angry. However, the anger will be short-lived. Give it a month, and nobody will remember this video.
  6. America has its problems too (and no, PAYING TAXES is NOT a problem)
  7. I think Nigeria can change. But I'm not sure it can/will in my lifetime. 
Those are my seven cents. What do you think?

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  1. I agree we have all these issues in Nigeria, but its sad that she had to wash her dirty linen in d public. Her immigration and efforts to get her Nigerian accent off her tongue doesn't change the fact that she is a 9ja babe. There are better ways she would have presented the lapses in our system. Abeg make she take am easy jorrrrr.

  2. Biko, even I was getting "upset". It is perfectly fine for her to say this - it is the truth. I believe a fair an balanced opinion is necessary - there are good things about Nigeria and yes MANY things are cray-cray.

    When people say "Oh it's not just us", I don't get that. So because we are not the only ones, everyone should keep their peace abi? Or shouldn't we talk and and address things so that we are no longer in the Committee of Crazy.

    We used to have a respectable reputation. We can get it back but if we keep glossing things over it's just staying in denial which does noone any good. For the US to get to where it is, they dealt with the laundry - maybe not willingly at all times - but nevertheless. And no - it is not perfect but we can learn from the good things.

    It makes me sad and the honest truth is I'm here - I haven't "done" much about the situation - so I try not to go on and on about it until I figure out my contribution to the solution.

  3. I saw this video and shook my head. If we all have her attitude Nigeria would be long gone. she highlighted our numerous issues no doubt but her attitude is just plain unbelievable. She's obviously going to get the kind of traffic she has been hoping for, I hope she makes enough money to buy a star bucks franchise that way she never gets to pay for her coffee and she can live in America forever. Niaja for Life! :)

  4. My two kobo

    This is at best a childish attention-seeking gimmick.

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.
    (Before you broadcast yourself to the planet, get your facts right)
    America sends Nigeria 30bn dollars every day? Really? And the money is for what?
    ALL the Leaders gather to spend oil money? Really?? All?

    She lives to help orphans, and America is the only country where there are orphans!
    Come on!! Orphans in Africa are a million times worse off than the ones in 'obudo oyinbo'.

    Nigeria is sick-we all know this.

    But if we all exonerate ourselves (let her come and tell me that she didnt contribute to the issues when she was here) and run away like she did, who will fix our problems?

    I learnt something a long time ago, talk is cheap, what have you done to make things different?

    Yes,that 75millionth and one person can make a difference.

    Case in point-I DO NOT litter the streets, and I speak out against litter (whenever I see it)- the streets of Yaba might still be piled with trash, but I know that I'm doing something no matter how little.

    A revolution starts from one person, not 75million people!

    So she should please pass the mic. :-))

  5. That is her point of view, very childish..

  6. This is her point of view, childish though.. Orphans..??? This is what she wants to pour her heart and soul to..Well, good for her.


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