August 9, 2013

Berry, Chef Fregz and A Follower

Hey pretty people!

So you know I went for the most recent Chef Fregz Special, at GET Arena, on July 28th. Just sharing some pictures from that day.


Moi et le chef extraordinaire

Omawonder - my choice

Fine Girl for Cakes

Palava Chicken, also for Cakes
While we were there, someone came up to me asking, "Are you Berry?" YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I was recognized by a REAL. LIVE. PERSON. Ok, truthfully, we'd seen earlier in July at the Naturals In The City meetup. But still, it was nice to have a reader come up and say hi. OF COURSE I had to take a picture with T. (Forgive me per favore, I'm not sure if you want your name up). And yeah, she said it'd be fine to post the picture, innit?

T and I
Guys, I have to show you the earrings she wore... FLAMINGOS!!! So totally super cool. Speaking of flamingos, did I tell you I'm kind of psychic sometimes? I promise you, I'm not lying. But the day before Chef Fregz, I was driving on the road, and randomly flamingos came to my mind. I think I thought "Boy, would I like to see a flamingo right now" or "If I would be an animal, I'd want to be a flamingo." Anyway the point is, I subconsciously saw flamingos coming into my life. So I'm psychic. 
Flamingo earring

Isn't it super cute?!

Okay, I'm off now. Sayonara!!!!

PS. T - I've got something for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Email me at

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  1. Go to Lake Nakuru in Kenya when you can plenty flamingoes there:)

    1. Ooooh. Sounds pretty! *puts it on My List of Places to Visit*


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