August 20, 2013

Belated Weekend Story... and Streptococcus

Hi everyone!

I meant to write up a post on Monday, but after all the activity of preparing for  and presenting my church's musical, wedding planning, travelling up and down, work, and more, my body just broke down and said, "HELL TO THE NAW, I AIN'T COOPERATING NO MO!"

I woke up Monday morning with a terrible sore throat. I checked my medicine stash, looking for ibuprofen, and couldn't find any. At some point, I checked out my tonsils in the mirror and saw the telltale signs of a strep infection. One of the ladies at work forced me to go the clinic, which I did and was given 2 days off to stay home, rest, take medicine and recuperate. Cakes was absolutely wonderful and made sure I was eating properly, taking my medicine, and pampering me. I still feel pain when I swallow, and my tonsils are still very inflamed but I'm slowly getting better. The doctor (like so many others before) said I need to remove them surgically. So my question is, have you or anyone you know gotten their tonsils taken out [in Nigeria]?

*PS* When I told the nurses that I came in because I have Strep Throat (Tonsillitis caused by Streptococcus), I was reprimanded and told that what I have is a Sore Throat. But all the times I had it in America, it was called Strep Throat. They said Americans don't know anything. *side eye*

ANYWAYS, I was in Port Harcourt over the weekend, to attend a dear friend's father's 10th memorial (may he RIP). It was a pretty uneventful trip, until my return on Sunday morning. I flew Aero, and the flight was scheduled for 8:45am. It eventually landed from Lagos at 8:40, and we started boarding a few minutes after 9am. When I got on board, the air hostesses were telling everyone to just sit wherever there was an empty space. I'd asked for a seat near the front, so just quietly went to my seat. Apparently Mrs. Patience Jonathan was flying into PH airport, and typically the airport shuts down for 2 hours before and 2 hours after her plane lands *erm... blank stare* Well, some passengers were not having it at all: "I want to sit in my assigned seat! Who does Jonathan think he is?! Is he GOD!?!?! NONSENSE! The pilot is STUPID! He's an a**hole!" The rest of us were just like, "Okay, whatever, just shut up and sit down before our plane is grounded." Unfortunately for those passengers, the pilot was hella pissed and guess what he did... He got them kicked off the flight!!! I'm not even joking. He literally called the control tower and asked for them to bring back the stairs. Airport security came on board, the hostesses pointed out the "noisemakers" and their cohorts, and they were told to leave the plane. Policemen and soldiers were on ground to ensure no further trouble happened. I think it was about 15-20 people kicked off. See drama! We eventually left PH over an hour late.

Later that day was the musical production, THE ILLICIT AFFAIR at my church! It's based on the story of David and Bathsheba. All I can say is God is MARVELOUS! Even though there were glitches here and there, the message was loud and clear that God FORGIVES! It was an amazing time and I'm thankful for the eXpressions Ministry! Like I mentioned in previous posts, I was a prop dancer this time.

And on a final note, Cakes' cake was featured in a Bella Naija Weddings post (I popped up there too)- on their website, facebook and instagram (I forgot to check Twitter). But I'm really proud of him, and thankful to God and pray that this opens a lot of doors for him.

Alrighty, I'm off to take my night's dose of meds. Have a pretty rest of the week.

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  1. Ahn ahn. Kicked them off the flight, for running their mouth, after they've paid? Is that even right?

    The things that happen in this country ehn? Is the pilot Nigerian?

    1. I think pilots have the right to kick off passengers that are being unruly and disruptive to the flight. They had first of all, refused to check in their large, overweight hand luggage. Then they come on board, causing a ruckus, and not listening to the air hostesses.

      Do I think they should have been kicked off? Well, it wasn't all that necessary. But the minute they were off, the plane was calm and all the tension gone.

      Yes, the pilot was Nigerian and I think other passengers agreed with his decision.

  2. Congrats to cakes!

    LOL at "Those Americans don't know anything." Oy!

    Chai @ shutting the airport two hours before and after Patience Jonathan lands. Which way Nigeria?

    I hope you feel better soon, dear.

    1. Thanks and thank you! I feel a lot better today.

      I understand shutting down for security purposes, but 4 hours?!?! IS SHE GOD?!?!?! They need to have a separate wing for private jets, mefinks.

  3. awww feel better Berry!

    aero? say what?!? i'd have expected a video on that experience to pop-up online! oh my you should soooo write a review; will gladly post it..

    Cakes' cakes congrats oh! So happy for y'all. I'd be looking to taste when next i'm home (not to worry I'll buy lol)..


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