January 11, 2021

Going Back to Berry

Hey people!

How are y'all doing? This year has already been a lot and we're barely a week into it. I've been joking that it's after I got my passport that these people want to useless Hamrika for me. They need to stop it please and thanks. I didn't wait over two decades to now start looking for how to move to Trudeau-land! Anyway, let's just be praying for peace in the land so I can enjoy this place.

Speaking of enjoyment, this year, I want to do, eat, buy, feel, watch things that I enjoy. I feel like in the past couple of years, especially last year, I was mostly just trying to survive. Yes, I did fun things like visit Catalina Island with my family. I pushed myself with the Mommy Oyoyo podcast - by the way, please complete the podcast survey here. I was finally able to move on to a new job within the same company. I certainly had some wins, however I still was pretty tired a lot and running on fumes.

In the past few years, with the breakdown of my marriage, impending divorce (o 2021, let it be complete this year), not being financially stable, I withdrew into myself. Y'all already know I wasn't as smiley, jolly, and seemingly carefree as before. I mean even my blog tagline went from the Berry Sweet Life|Style to Real Life Happens. 

In any case, I've slowly begun to rediscover me albeit a bit more measured. I am in a place now where I want to do me - as in, make sure that I'm taken care of while also extending care towards others. Sometimes as a Christian, one can feel guilty for self care, mistaking it for being selfish. I think that there can be a healthy balance between being selfless and ensuring that self is also being taken care of. I'm in this mental space where I want to do both. 

For me, self care includes having alone time (this is a very big deal to me), being able to let my feelings out (I bought several notebooks and have been writing to myself more), getting therapy (I've noticed a slight anger issue where I keep things in for a while and eventually burst in not-the-nicest way, and I've booked a new therapist to help me deal with my emotions), the odd beauty treatment here and there (pedicures and having my eye brows threaded), and some retail therapy...

That last part is what brings me to my main reason for even starting this blog post in the first place (somehow I went on a completely different tangent). I bought something I've wanted for a very long time - WAIST BEADS (lol, you were probably thinking some luxury item, right?)!!! Like I shared on Instagram (sorry about that - I'm looking into coming back to the blog as my main outlet), I've been drawn to waist beads for sometime because they have a certain alluring, sultry, sensual, feminine factor to them. I've been wearing mine for a week now (got this fantastic steal here) and I love the extra bit of oomph and confidence they give me.


It might not seem like a big deal to you, and that's fine, but finally having something that I've wanted for a long time means something to me. Somehow I feel closer to being the me that I used to be - or the me that had an undeniable zest for life. And with that, I shall end this blog post. I almost want to apologize for going on and on simply to tell you that I bought waist beads - LOL. 

Have a pretty week!


  1. Yay! Love to see it. Glad you're getting yourself back. You're doing absolutely well. Keep going, it will end praise.

  2. I love your first picture! That dress and earrings are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Maureen! It's such a pretty and comfy dress.


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