June 15, 2020

Live Chat with Mommy Oyoyo Podcast Host - Berry Dakara

It's been almost one year since I started the Mommy Oyoyo podcast. As a matter of fact, this coming Saturday (the day after Coco's birthday) is the exact date a year after starting. I plan to put up a post then, but before that, I wanted to highlight that last week Wednesday, I was interviewed about being a podcaster! Shawn Ventura, of Lights Camera Pro Podcast, put out a call for podcasters to interview in his new series, and I was honored to be part of his lineup!

The video is available on the Mommy Oyoyo Facebook page, website, and also on Youtube! Please watch as I share how I started the Mommy Oyoyo podcast, why I started it and different things I've learned in the past year. 

This week I'm looking forward to marking the one-year anniversary since I started the Mommy Oyoyo podcast (you can listen here) and Coco's 3rd birthday!!!

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