March 16, 2018

I Have a Dream

Following my last post, while promoting it on Instagram, I started to dream...

If I had no limits, I would...

I would travel the world and experience different cultures, visiting two new countries every year.

I would eat as much food as I could stomach without gaining weight.

I would take photographs of things I find beautiful.

I would buy art and keep them somewhere because my dream condo has a minimalist vibe.

I would own a gorgeous condo or town house with ocean or sea views.

I would drink tea with milk and honey every single day.

I would read books and watch classic films every week.

I would give and get massages everyday.

I would read to sick children in hospitals.

I would have lots of black and white photographs of myself.

I would twirl with my baby girl and dance to my favorite songs.

I would kiss and make love to my lover every day.

I would hug random strangers (that look pleasant enough, because stalkers and crazies).

I would spend time with God daily and dwell in His presence.

I would create fun rituals and traditions for me and my little family.

I would drive a small white SUV that could never get dirty.

I would give back to my village by creating jobs - I have ideas, I just don't know how to execute them.

I would tap into the gifts God has given me and share them with the whole world without fear.

I would start writing that book I have in my heart.

I would... and I should!

If you don't mind, please share one or two of your dreams in the comments :)


  1. If i had no limits..

    *I would give every girl child an opportunity to be get sound education, at least up to university.

    * I would travel the world with my mother. One country every quarter.

    * I would build the world largest reading hub which will have an extensive library, reading lounges and a top notch cafe.

  2. work overseas for a year

  3. if i had no limits i would:

    1. have 10 children who will come at age 1.5

    2. Wake up at 10am every day

    3. exercise everyday

    4. drive the new mercedes benz cross tour

    5. go on a cruise

    6. go to asia on vaacation

    7. own a closet of gold

    8. have money spinning machines

    9. wear shorts, crop tops and a hat and lazy on the beach constantly

    10. have a solid relationship with God

    11. have a cook

    i can go on and on biko

  4. I have a dream that one day I would go to the beach in cape Verde.

  5. I find myself nodding in agreement as I read through your list. I would spend money and never have it run out . I'd have one last meal with some of my loved ones who have transitioned.



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