March 21, 2018

BERRY VLOG - Dear Womb Watchers

Hey y'all,

I just posted this video on Youtube in response to a post I saw on Instagram. @Firsttimemumdotcom posted questions from her readers regarding how to reply people who make invasive comments and ask rude questions about when they're going to have their first, second or hundredth children. I really just don't understand why anyone feels the need to ask those kinda questions directly, or out loud. Yeah, you may be curious, but how about you just keep your curiosity to yourself? I know a lot of people mean well, but more often than not, you're making the woman/couple uncomfortable. You don't know what their situation is so please just stop!


  1. Well said. Africans really need to learn to keep their mouth shut sometimes. Like you said, you dont know what the couple are going through.


  2. BERRRRRYYYYY!!!!!I love this post.. I just hope a lot of people will watch this video and put it to use... i have been married for 11 months and not pregnant yet, then I wished a friend of mine who's plainly aware that I wasn't preggy yet mother's day few weeks ago, then she asked me what I am waiting for to get preggy and why I wasn't setting my vagina well whenever I'm making love with my husband, I didn't reply her though.

    Then few days ago I posted a picture of mine on my whatsapp display picture and a guy (a friend) was asking if I was pregnant? Then I asked him if there's a problem if I am, and if he is no longer aware that I was married and it's normal for a married woman to be pregnant then he was like 'sorry o'. Although I don't give people the opportunity to discuss such with me but some people who feel they have mouth and can talk still ask me, I just give them whatever answer I feel like at that moment.

    Then that brings us to my landlady who's always feeling like I dress too much because I am yet to conceive... Chai, people should just mind their business.

  3. hahahahaha....omg this is just hilarious..I am not married and I plan to wait a year after the wedding before getting pregnant...if any womb watchers want to unfortunate with that one year, Berry I am coming to you so we can compose the appropriate speech for that person...why can't you let people bbe...a friend got married and people started putting her under pressure in less than 3 ' Mercy he don reach to get belle na' beech please she is still enjoying her husband let her be..I am too angry abeg...

  4. Elsewhere people get married and make the conscious decision not to have any children in the marriage and thats okay. Why are Africans soo hang up or concerned to a point that they start harrassing a wife or even insulting her if no children after a few years of marriage. Why does it become people's business?. It should be no one's business if a woman gets married and is biologically unable to have children or decides not to have any children. After all are they going to help look after the child if there is no money? Africans should stop defining women by whether they have children or not. Children are a gift from God and women should not feel pressured to have one.


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