August 9, 2016

4 Reasons Why you should Follow me on Bloglovin

Hey everyone,

I hope your week's been great. Remember my poll from a few months ago? 17% of those who responded (who I'm still thanking by the way) said you find out about new posts via Bloglovin. I don't know if the number has increased by now, but let me tell you why you should follow me using that platform.

  1. Never miss a post 
    You guys know that my posting schedule can be a little on the random side. Frequent, but random. I average about 4 to 5 posts if I'm having a very good week, and 2 to 3 posts if it's a slow week. I don't want you to EVER miss a post from me. Even if you don't comment, I think you enjoy my posts (In Jesus' name, AMEN). So that's one reason why you should follow me on Bloglovin.
  2. Get to know me better
    I think you can tell a lot about a person based on what they like to read. Are they more intellectual and follow thought-provoking blogs? Do they like fashion and beauty? What are their interests? Well, on Bloglovin, you can see the blogs that I follow, and it would give you a little more insight into the things that capture my attention.
  3. Find blogs that are similar to mine
    If you like my blog on Bloglovin, you will be give suggestions on other blogs to follow that are similar to mine. Think "Nigerian Lifestyle" blogs. Some other bloggers will never recommend that you follow people similar to them, because they might be afraid of losing their audience. But I know that you love me, and that I love you more, so you won't go anywhere. Plus if you try to leave, no cake or Seafood Yam Pottage for you. And I'll hide my babies photos from you too. Just you o. So be warned!
  4. Learn via posts that I've loved and my collections
    One reason why I like Bloglovin is because of the amount of things I have learned and still learn. You too can save the posts you like or "Love" them, and have them on the back-burner, so you can go through them again if you want. I actually use a lot of the posts I've saved or Loved for my weekly Lovely Links posts. My Collections range from Money advice to Career to Blogging and more. So follow me now and start learning!
So Mr and Ms. Chairman, Partial [to Berry] Panel of Judges, Amiable Coordinators, Accurate Timekeepers, Non-existent Co-Debaters, and my Fellow Audience, I hope I have convinced you to support the motion to follow me on Bloglovin.



  1. I've been following you on Bloglovin for a while now. I'm still getting the hang of the site but my few times exploring in there have been good! I love how you find similar lifestyle blogs. There's a wealth of information in there.

    Our wedding anniversary

    1. I love Bloglovin! It saves me the hassle of having to go looking for new posts. The only thing is when you enjoy so many blogs, you begin to have soooooooooooo many posts to read on a weekly basis.

  2. Loool! Dear Mr chairman. I have nothing more to add. I just crave your indulgence to use this platform to ask you all to follow me too! || Follow me too on Bloglovin'!

    1. BUAHAHAHAHA!!! Kachi, it's my debate and I'm going to win... oh wait, you're on my team! Okay we're winning together.

  3. I've never commented in the 2years i've been reading your blog.Stumbled on it when i found my brother n his wife's picture on ur blog. Apparently you both attended a certain salsa dance class organised by TPH church. long story short, I'm a BIG FAN.....UDUAK

    1. Awwww, thank you very much Uduak! I have to go back and find that post now and decipher who your brother is.

  4. Seriously, a 'like' button would have been so sweet on every blog post. It will save the hassle of comments taking forever to post,thats my problem and I know some has similar case too( although, most times it's as a result of phone) but then, like button would make it easier to like every post and to show how much we love you and like to read your posts


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