November 2, 2015

Berry Busy Weekend

You guys!

Let's all just thank God that I'm actually putting this post up today. Yes, it's late but at least it's still Monday. If I tell you how tired I am enh! As in, I've been dizzy for the past how many hours but managing it. I just want to put up this post and crash. I wish I could take a day off work - I really need to sleep.

Ah well.

I had the busiest weekend ever!!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday - full of activities. I think I slept at 2am or so on both Friday and Saturday nights. And no, I wasn't clubbing. I just got home really late - past midnight - and it took me a little bit to finally fall asleep. Anyway, let's get started on the weekend gist, aye? It's long o. Just balance well in your chair or bed or wherever.

On Friday, after work, I went to Lagos Fashion and Design Week at Federal Palace. I met up with one of my Power Puff Girls for Day 3 of LFDW. I really wanted to go because I'd never been and I thought it would be a fun experience. Before I got there though, my car got into a minor accident - Booooooo!!! After talking to the other party and deciding it was definitely her fault, I headed off again. It was a really fun experience - I even got to shoot some "Street Style" of my own.

Veronica Odeka had a Style Clinic. Remember when I went to her very first one?
Unfortunately, the event started late. It was supposed to start at 5:30pm but apparently 7:30pm was the earliest it started on most days. That isn't great because the shows take about 3.5 hours. Fash and I kept looking at the time because we were both tired and yawning. We made it to the end though - and I have to say, we really enjoyed it. Some of the collections were awesome and others were bleh. But I have to commend fashion designers - it's not easy at all.

On Saturday, I went to my friend's house where I chilled and spent the rest of the weekend. I even filmed a hair tutorial with my Nazuri Curls (btw - the 10% off discount ends on the 18th of this month!!!). I can do this hairstyle without looking in the mirror. 

I ran a few errands and enjoyed driving around all by myself on traffic-free roads. There was a paint party later that evening and we were all supposed to wear a touch of pink. I found out too late and had to look for something to wear. I went to Iconola in Lekki and got a FAB FAB FAB skirt! It was N7000, and they have lots of cute items that start at N4000. If you want to Buy Nigerian, they're a great place to visit. The address is 4 Engr Enemoh Crescent, Lekki.

The paint party was fun. I drank a glass of champagne a little too fast and got a bit tipsy *hides face.* If you follow me on Snapchat, then you saw all the craziness that went down - we were singing, dancing, and just being loud women :p I love girl time!

See the painting we were supposed to recreate...

And here's my recreation

On Sunday, I went to The Waterbrook Church (where Cakes and I met). They've finally moved to their own place, and I just had to be there to celebrate with them.

Afterwards, I went to the Ajali Shop and Spa Launch party. It's such a pretty little space and I had a nice time. Ifeyinwa who owns Ajali, and is a partner at Nazuri Curls, is also a blogger at Love Ifeyinwa and works at TW Magazine - talk about mogul! Her Ajali products are great skincare products, and I'm glad that Nigerians are doing big things in the beauty industry.

Yasmin (R) and Ifeyinwa (L) are behind the Nazuri Curls brand. And they're both wearing Nazuri Curls.

Ifeyinwa/Ajali won an award last year.

They have this pretty nifty sales thingy. As soon as I paid, I got a receipt in my email!

Another Nazuri Curls customer. She's wearing a U-part wig.

I finally met Tosin, who blogs at Africanism Cosmopolitan. She blogged about the event here.

There was a lot of food and drinks - which I didn't have. But I certainly took advantage of the free massage, which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I left, I headed back to my friend's house and then to her family home for dinner. I didn't take photos because I was mentally exhausted. BUT I did take photos of the cakes they ordered. The order was placed through me on Saturday afternoon. Cakes was away for the weekend, so I took it upon myself to be the Creative Director and explained what I wanted with the bakery manager. With his input and the team's execution, the fabulousnesses were delivered within 24 hours!!! See one of the cakes below. It was for Toju Foyeh from her family, congratulating her on her bridal collection at Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

You may now refer to me as Berry the Blogger and Cake Designer :)

Oh, and add Fire Fighter too, because I went for Fire Warden Training last week.

Going to sleep now. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow, you had a packed but lovely weekend, love the cake design, your painting and the street style photos.

    1. Thanks lady! I'm still suffering from the lack of proper sleep

  2. your weekend was crazy busy Lady! Mine was almost as busy if you add sitting with your house mate in a hospital for hours and then turning up wit #Falzthebahdguy have a lovely nights rest!

    1. Awwww, that sucks. I hope he/she is better now. And Falz! That sounds interesting and I'm sure it was a hilarious time.

  3. ..And Painter Lol. Your painting is really lovely!

  4. Berry the Cake Designer and Fire Fighter.
    Event packed weekend you had...Nice
    I was busy 'murdering' sleep throughout the weekend.

    1. Haha, that's what I did throughout the week - the sleep was needed

  5. A fire warden training?? how did you end up doing that?

  6. your weekend was really packed!! mine on the other hand, not so much.


  7. That was one busy weekend... We had fog over here and ehm the darkness at 4pm so we napped and napped lol
    That hair Berrrrry. it :)

    1. That's what I don't like about Fall and Winter - the days are so short.


  8. Wow. Busy weekend for real. Mine was busy too but you were really making moves!

  9. Wow, berry busy weekend indeed!
    It was great seeing you again Berry, next time we should plan a meet! x


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