May 11, 2015

Berry Late Weekend

Hola amigos!!!!

Welcome back to delayed regularly scheduled programming. It's regularly-scheduled because it's a weekend update. But it's delayed because it was from the weekend before this past one :D Unless you want photos of me being a complete bum from this weekend? Exactly, let's all pretend I'm an ALWAYS fun and active person, shall we?

So the upper weekend, I had a full weekend, no joke. So much so, that it really tired me out and I didn't have any energy to blog at all. You've already seen some snippets from that weekend - the Lekki Market post, and also the Hear Word Naija review post. But that wasn't all I did.

On May Day, after I left Lekki Market, Cakes and I headed off to the beach to celebrate his mum's birthday. Unfortunately I didn't have any photos taken of me - I was just having a bad hair, bad skin, bad bloated tummy, bad no-photos-must-be-taken-of-me day, so just enjoy the photos of the yummy cake :D

The following day (Saturday), was when I went to watch Hear Word Naija. You have 2 more weekends to catch it (Fridays and Saturdays) so make sure you pencil it into your plans. Like I mentioned, I won tickets from Kate Henshaw in late March, and chose the Saturday to watch the play. If I must tell you again, I will - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photographs during the production, but I saw a childhood friend of mine (Omoye, who's also an actress and radio presenter). Since she's all buddy-buddy with her fellow actresses, I got to go backstage with her and took a few photos.

Ufuoma McDermott and Omoye

The show is partly sponsored by Fayrouz. Meanwhile, during and after NYSC, I was obsessed with this drink. No wonder I gained weight :p

This is Ijeoma - she's also from my childhood and also an actress. You've seen her in one of my posts before.

Omoye and I have known each other for more than 20 years!

After watching the show, Cakes came to pick me up and I'd gotten free tickets to the Lagos Jazz Festival (thanks to Ms. A.B from work). Next time I'm taking someone else though, because mister man was more interested in his catfish pepper soup than listening and enjoying the different jazz musicians. 

I think I should take some time another weekend to really explore Freedom Park and check out its history. What say you?

Not sure what I was looking at.

Imagine being in a prison cell this small.
There are lots of statues and sculptures in Freedom Park. This one didn't have a sign, so I'm not entirely sure who these guys are (if they are anyone I should know).

Ran into Titi there. She's also appeared in an old post.

This is one of the stages below. There were supposedly 5 different stages with music acts going on at the same time. I counted only 4 though.

The two men on the left and right are big in propagating jazz music in Nigeria and South Africa respectively. I didn't note their names.

This is the reason why Mr. Cakes left me to go and watch performances by myself.

This girl, below. Oh my goodness!!! She's amazing!!! Her husband kept trying to get people to come and watch his wife - almost like he was doing her a favor. No o. He was doing us a favor, because her performance was sooooo good! Her voice is so rich, her songs made me sway - they had messages, but there was also a sensuality to it. Her name is Tari, but I can't find her information anywhere. I want to buy any of the songs she has out.

We eventually left at about 10pm or so, understandably tired. By the time I woke up the following morning, I felt like I had a hangover. I hadn't had any alcohol the whole weekend o, but I definitely felt disoriented.

Last week Monday, May 4th, was the 1 year memorial of my father-in-law's passing. This might have added to my unwillingness to post. May he continue to rest in peace.

Alrighty guys, expect Part 2 of the Redefining Finance event later this week (see Part 1 here). And maybe a style post.


  1. "imagine being in a prison cell this small"....Now that would be death before the death on whoever would be in a prison cell that small....

  2. Berryyyyyyy. My 1st time commenting on the blog. It's Chidinma. I also want to explore freedom park, looks like a fun place. I don't know jack about jazz music though. The three guys at the statue is Tafawa Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe... Like Nigeria's 1st prominent politicians. Then the lady with the sweet voice is Tari. I remember she was a contestant from MTN project fame season 2, she left kinda early though. Good to see she's doing fine. My regards to Cakes again. I couldn't stop telling everyone I met you.

  3. Nice 1 Berry. ..stuck in PH with not much to do but it's up the good work and Cakes cakes are sooooo pretty.

    1. Awww, PH should behave. Thanks for the cake compliments

  4. They are people you should know. The statue, that is. L-R, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello and Nnamdi Azikwe.

    1. Thanks! I thought they had to be important.

      Why is Azikiwe in an agbada?

  5. Hi Berry,

    The 3 statue 'guys' are Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello and Nnamdi Azikiwe, proponents of Nigerian history. You're welcome :)

    You had such a full, amazing weekend I'm jealous. And now I really want to go see 'Hear Word' after reading your review on the play but I don't wanna go alone :(

    So sorry to hear about your father in law. May he continue to rest in peace.

    1. Hey Yewii. I hope you eventually saw Hear Word.

      Thanks for your prayer.

  6. Berry!
    For that plate of pepper soup,i would leave you too and apologize later. lol
    How are you doing Babes? Looks like you aare having all the fun.

  7. so much interesting pictures to feed my eyes on.Nice weekend there.

  8. hmnnnn...berry I want to be like you wjen i grow up...seriously. And you look lovely...mwahhh


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