May 14, 2015

Berry Lovely Links

Hello everyone,

Hope you're having a good week so far. Mine's just crazy, busy, hectic!!! I need a proper break - maybe I should switch lives with the lady from the first link today.

  1. LOL, real First World Problems. This lady says she has Too Much Vacation Time in France. Do French kids really get a 2-week break after every 6 weeks of school?!?!? Why didn't I grow up there?!!!!!
  2. Cue the water works, as this story will melt your heart. Elderly Man Calls 911 Because He's Hungry. I'm going to use this opportunity to thank God for my grandparents - my granddad especially - he's turning 90 in less than 2 weeks and he's very strong and even helping to provide for others. 
  3. Let's learn 12 Tricks to Appear Smart in Emails.
  4. If you own a business in Lagos, check out these 13 Things Only Entrepreneurs in Lagos Will Understand.
  5. What would you do if you had a friend who Wears Only Black to Weddings. Well, she would have fit into my wedding, so whatever.
  6. Cakes and I watched Avengers last week. Here's a Ranking of All Marvel Movies.


  1. Great links, and do hang in there. Best wishes!

  2. Omg I should definitely have been born and bred in France! Hello dream life, haha! And then I would grow up to be a teacher too. Lolll!

  3. 2 weeks break after 6 weeks in school? for what? chineke meeee...that like the 2 days mid term break Nigerian school kids get...kai. there is God sha

  4. France sounds like a fab dream!
    Phew! This life eh.


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