February 6, 2015

Don't Text While Angry - Berry Good Advice from Moi

Yo yo yo!

How's your week been? What's the weekend looking like for you? I will not promise any fun things in case they fall flat like last weekend. So let's just say Imma chill this weekend.

Anyways, I kinda heard from an old old old friend (let's call them Allison) this past week. We haven't spoken in years! We used to be very very close, and yet somehow managed to have the biggest fights ever! I'm talking yelling, screaming, cursing at each other. Even our mutual friends knew that we would eventually make up, get into another fight, then make up and fight again. Why did we stay friends if we fought that much? I dunno. We eventually drifted apart a few years ago - probably after yet another fight, and no zeal to patch things up.

But getting the message reminded me of one particular quarrel. You see this thing called "Technology?" It can get you into a whole lotta trouble. If you're not careful, you might accidentally post something awfully embarrassing somewhere, or mistakenly send a mass email or broadcast something that makes you look terrible. In my case, I was with Allison, and we were bickering about something - I can't remember what it was. But I was really irritated and decided to text my other friend saying something along the lines of, "Allison is just such a *^(*&%^$. Totally sick of being here. Imagine the nonsense &(^(&%^$(^ said. I can't stand Allison!!!!!!! So stewpid." I sent off the text and eagerly waited for my other friend's response.

Imagine the rude shock I got when Allison asks me, "What's this text message from you about?" I was confused for a second, before realizing that in my anger, I mistakenly typed Allison as the RECIPIENT!!! There was absolutely no way to recover from it, so of course, we ended up in another screaming match.

I was very embarrassed to say the least. Since then, I ALWAYS double-check the recipients box before I send out a text message.

*Oh and of course, I don't send mean texts vent about people anymore, even if we're in the middle of a fight*



  1. Ha Ha Ha. Yes no recovering from that in any shape or form. Sometimes its time to let some people go. Maybe this was just it for you. I guess Allison wont be texting you again.

    1. LOL. This might have been the fight that eventually caused the friendship to end.

  2. Are you serious? Kai. Serious embarrassment. This reminds me of one gist about a cheating woman sending a romantic message to her husband, thinking it was her lover. That was how the marriage ended o.

    Atilola's World

  3. Lol, it has happened to me before. Gosh, it was SUPER embarassing, it was about a friend's brother and I don't know how or why I managed to send it directly to him. Thank God no names were mentioned so I could pass it off as 'a mistake'. Unfortunately, I've had such episodes after that and not even in the fit of anger sef *tscheew*


  4. I wonder if this is on that list of social media fears...

  5. That's happened to me a couple of times.
    Very embarrassing and awkward cos you have to explain yourself and there is no explanation you can actually give that will soothe your friend.

  6. I remember trying to get back together with a girl I had broken up with couple of years before. This was someone with whom I had an intense physical relationship with while we dated. One of the days I saw her after we resumed being friends, the dress she wore struck a chord and I couldn't figure out why. Later at night, I was in bed thinking about her and it suddenly hit me that she had worn that dress the last time we had slept with each other before things ended between us.Being the hare brained and unwise child that I was at the time, I foolishly sent the following whatsapp message to a friend... "is it strange that I remember the dress O was wearing today is the dress she wore the last time we had sex?" I was patiently waiting for a reply so imagine my total shock and embarrassment when I checked again and realised I had sent the message to O. I couldn't even deny cos I had used her name in the message. Today I look back on such episodes in my life and wonder at how foolish I used to be. I also learned that kissing and telling never ends well.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ouch on your behalf! I feel your pain.

  7. Omg gotta watch what you text thanks for the advice.

  8. This really got me. A "friend" back then in Uni (in our final year) I was staying with not b/c I don't have a house, but I was afraid of staying alone.... I was preggie. We were almost done with exam then, she went to the other of our friend’s house telling them stuff about me. Mistakenly she dialed my number, I picked she was saying, talking, "..... can you imagine this girl did this ...... ..... ....." horrible things that I won't bore you with *tears rolling down while typing this now*.
    The friend I was with at that moment took the phone put it on speaker mood, 'no be only my ear hear am'. For almost 5 mins she was talking, I was on the other end crying.... That cry continued didn’t sleep the whole night. Took my things to another friends house, having asked her for forgiveness on the offense I knew nothing about.
    In the school (exam) next day my face was SWOLLEN.. Pregnant woman cried all through the night.
    The next day she saw me in school, she walked up to me where I was seated still faced down with tear filled eyed. The only thing she managed to tell me is that I should have put Mascara on that my face.
    Well at my last day in school she said to me while parting in the park, “Let’s pretend as though it never happened”


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