August 27, 2014

#WCW - Woman Crush Wednesdays

Hey everyone,

No, I will not be starting a WCW series, but today's my mum's birthday and I thought, "Why the neck not?" My mum is my eternal crush! She's the first woman I ever met, and I've loved her from the beginning of my time.

My mum has been there for me at every turn -  in my good, bad, happy and sad times. Remember my post about Robin Williams, where I briefly mentioned a bout with depression? I know my family in general were praying, but my mum really stood in the gap for me. She got her friends, our Bible group, our pastors and others to pray along with her for me. She has consistently prayed for me and my siblings, even going so far as fasting on different days for each of us!

My mum has worked so hard to achieve a lot in her life, and at a point, put her career on hold for the sake of her children. That was one of the most selfless things she could have done, and I thank her for it. Even now, she's on her way to getting her own life back on track, and I pray that God rewards her with a very quick reward.

She has at turns cuddled me like a big baby, and given me tough love, knowing just when each reaction is needed. She has been the best mother I could have ever asked for. As in, there isn't one second in my life where I've said "God, I wish my mum would be more this or that."

I could go on and on, but I'll stop now and just say to CHIEF DR. MRS. I wish you a wonderful birthday and a great year as you celebrate today. I LOVE YOU!

My mum at our wedding

Old picture of my mum and grandma. I love this picture because anyone who knows my mum knows she's the life of any party. Yup, you can find her dancing at any party :D

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  1. Your mum is so pretty and oh i love her Fasinator!

  2. Happy Birthday to your mum Berry, may God continue to bless her.

  3. Happy birthday to your mum. May she live long enough to eat the fruit of her labour.

  4. ur mum is soo pretty... Happy birthday to her :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your mum!! I love that picture of your mum and grandmum - they look like sisters!!!

    1. They do, don't they? I had to squint to be sure.

  6. Happy birthday mummy berry dearest. Love the picture where she was rocking. Hot legs!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom....Lovely photo by the way........Nice Blog.

  8. Happy belated birthday to Aunty Ada :)

  9. Your mum looks fantabulous in that old pix. I could totally rock that gown. It doesn't even look old fashioned.


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