August 5, 2013


Yo yo!


There was a time when my family and friends would say I was vain (they still think so). They will tell anybody who's willing to listen, that I'm VERY INTO MYSELF! The number of selfies on my phone and camera, would seemingly be used as evidence. In fact, after I got engaged, my mum told Cakes that he should be ready for a lifetime of Lights, Camera, Click!

However, I must point out that it simply is NOT true. I enjoy photography. I like taking pictures. A LOT. Is it my fault that I happen to be the only person with myself 24/7? If I had a friend with me 24 hours of the day, I'm sure I'd take their picture all the time. But since it's just me, myself, and I (who is a very willing subject, might I add), why not just take a picture of me? That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Anyways, anyone would have thought that by now I'd have jumped with glee on the Instagram bandwagon. Alas, my non-Apple, non-Android having self could not adequately join and do the app justice. BUT I'm here to announce that my brand new Samsung S4 has given me the necessary push to join.

PLEASE NOTE: I don't know how to use this blawdy phone. I literally had to call my friend to talk me through how to search for people on Instagram. It's going to take me a while to get used to it.

In any case, let me know your user ids, and look me up: Berry Dakara, so we can have Instafun!

My pictures might end up being boring sha. :-|


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  1. LOOL. I had the same experience when i got my S3 too. I just followed you, follow back nicely. @eniwealth - eniola adeboye

  2. I now name you the official drama queen of blogsville.

  3. I'd curtsy, but QUEENS bow to nobody (other than God).

  4. Hia! You are stepping up tho, you're even on twirra? The lord is good... LOL follow back!


  5. @ibbz_ter btw...

  6. Aunty welcome! Me that I used eschew social media am now a lover of Twitter and Instagram - @pprmintnpaisley


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