April 10, 2013

When your ex bashes you...

Harhar, this post is another Kim Kardashian-related one!!!!!!!!!!!!! I treeeeeeeked you, yes I did!

Ok, so last week, Ray J aka Mr. Sex-Tape-With-Kim-Kardashian aka Brandy's-Little-Brother released a new single. The song is titled 'I Hit It First,' and it is an excrutiatingly thin-veiled allusion to his relationship with Kimmie. Not only does he make a reference to Kanye West in the lyrics, /I had her head going north and her ___ going south/But now baby chose to go West/, the single cover looks like a pixelated version of a picture of Kim.

Single cover vs Kim's picture

In reference to this, all I have to say is that Ray J is an idiot and a half. He's very immature and is trying to use Kim to raise his struggling career. It's not the first time he's bashed Kim. I watched an interview he did with Tyra Banks a few years ago. At the time, Kim was dating NFL player Reggie Bush, and Tyra asked Ray J what his thoughts were. He smirked and said snarkily, "Sloppy seconds." Uggh, just an irritating BOY!

Now, the post isn't entirely related to KK. I do want to talk about exes that refuse to move on AND speak negatively about you. I'm the type of person who remains friends with exes. I believe that if you were friends in the first place, and the breakup wasn't a disaster, then there's nothing wrong with remaining friends. What I have a problem with are those exes who tell the whole world and their mother everything you did wrong in the relationship. *disclaimer - if you cheated or were abusive, then your ex has free reign to tweet it to the major international news outlets.*

A lot of relationships don't work out, for one reason or another - maybe he's a neat freak and you're more topsy-turvy, or she keeps her hair natural and you like loooooooong flowy Bralayvian locks, or your parents don't like him/her and you don't care to fight for the relationship, etc. As adults, the mature thing to do would be to dust yourself off and figure out what lessons you've learned (what to do, what not to do, what you want, what you don't want, etc). Some people, instead would rather nitpick at every little thing that was wrong about the relationship and share it on Facebook and every living soul that they pass by.

Dear friends, please don't be that person. It only makes you sound bitter and look immature *note to self - take your own advice (but i'm not THAT bad).* For those who are on the receiving end, just be classy, gracious and ignore that ex. This only proves that you ARE better off without him/her. *disclaimer - Again, if you cheated or were abusive, this does not apply to you. In fact, tell your ex to send me a blog post, so I can share with the world about your wicked wicked ways!*


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  1. Cool post!I've noticed that the exes that bash are the ones that are jealous of your sucess. If they were as sucessful they wouldn't not even remember you, the fact that they remember you and go as far as writing a song about you... big time loser. You are right Berry the perfect way to handle one is by ignoring them.

  2. I second Nem's comment. it's in bad taste...


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