April 11, 2013

How long is too long before getting engaged?

Hiya guys n gals!

How are ya this pretty pretty Thursday afternoon? I'm foine and dandy, craving a doughnut but substituted for a baby cup of coffee. Anyways, to the question at hand...

I was just browsing on Facebook and the question was posed on my fave radio station's page. Some of the comments were:

"If you've been with a dude for 2-3 years and you're not married, he's not marrying you."
"Dated 5 years and when I wasn't content with things staying the way they were, I left."
"I got married on our 6-year anniversary."
"A guy I work with proposed only after a month and a half."
"5 years is too long, but you know in 3-4 months."
"My parents have been together 32 years, never married. I'd say that's too long."
My thoughts on this are: it's all relative.
  1. If you meet and start dating as teenagers, of course it's going to take a loooong time before getting engaged. I would say maybe 10 years.
  2. If both of you are in your early 20s, I would say 5 years is too long.
  3. If you're in your mid to late twenties, it cuts down to 3 years being too long.
  4. If you're in your thirties, 2 years MAX!
  5. By 40+ you kinda need to know what's up in a year.
What do you think?


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  1. I am with you on that. The older u get the less time u spend dating... You already know what you want. www.secretlilies.blogspot.com


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