February 19, 2013

I'm engaged... but he hasn't proposed

Wait.. what? I don't understand. How does a girl say she's engaged if her BOYFRIEND hasn't proposed? Shouldn't he have gotten down on one knee first, professed his unending love of her and asked her to be his wife first? Shouldn't she have been reduced to tears, then composed herself to whisper or shriek YES?

My friends and I had a discussion this past weekend. And my friend's wife said it's becoming more frequent for couples to agree to marriage and discuss wedding plans before an actual proposal occurring. My question to her was "Shouldn't the couple have already agreed that they would want to be married before the man even buys a ring?" What if, as has happened many times, he surprises her with a proposal and she says no? Before a man buys a ring, wouldn't he want to be assured that his girlfriend does in fact, want to marry him? That's besides the point anyways. So for the new normal, i.e. couples that have agreed to get married, before the proposal, is it safe for them to say they're engaged? Well, yours truly, turned to her trusty dictionaries... OF COURSE! *nerd alert* 8-)



  1. Pledged to be married; betrothed.


  1. Pledged to be married


  1. Having formally agreed to marry

Hmm, Oxford says a 'FORMAL' agreement. Okay, let's see what 'PLEDGED' is, since the other dictionaries use that word.



  1. A solemn promise or agreement to do something
  2. Something delivered as security for the fulfillment of a promise...
  3. Something given or regarded as a security.


  1. A bailment of a chattel (something TANGIBLE) as security for an obligation without involving transfer of title
  2. Something given as security for the performance of an act


  1. A solemn promise or undertaking.
  2. A thing that is given as security for the fulfillment of a contract (or AGREEMENT)

*I really feel like this dictionary and definitions habit makes me look square*... *who says square??? square people*

And there, we have it! NO, a lady may not say she is engaged if her boyfriend has not given her something (doesn't even have to be a ring) as security to signify that they have agreed to marry. 


  1. buhahaha at "And there, we have it! NO, a lady may not say she is engaged if her boyfriend has not given her something (doesn't even have to be a ring) as security"... is it a security deposit?!?!?!? lol

    1. YES! And it is NON-REFUNDABLE if HE breaks off the engagement. :D


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