February 11, 2013

Counting down to Valentine's Day - Sexy Songs!

So lot's of Valentine lists are flying all over the place: from 28 Sexiest Nigerian Men to Top 10 Love Songs to Single on V-Day - 8 Fun Things to do. I figure, why not get in on the action? The following songs are top on my Sexy Songs list.

*Note to all* These are my honeymoon songs! DO NOT STEAL MY LIST OR ELSE!!!

1. Trey Songz is just a WICKED WICKED boy! - 'Scratchin Me Up'

2. Usher - 'Dive'

3. Boyz II Men - 'Uhh Ahh'

4. AZ Yet - 'Last Night'

5. R. Kelly - 'Slow Wind'

6. Silk - 'Freak Me'

HOLD ON! Why is this list full of men? Not one female? That's not even right. Well, wait - this just goes to show you what pervades a man's mind! Just kidding

Erm, I think that's enough.


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