February 13, 2013

Counting down to Valentine's Day: WHAT NOT to give HER


So I'm still in the spirit of Valentine's Day and thought to share with you, BAD VALENTINE GIFTS! Do you agree with my list? What's the worst gift you've ever given or received? Someone in secondary school bought amala or something equally stupid for his girlfriend. 

  1. LINGERIE. Be honest, you're the one who will REALLY enjoy this gift.

  2. CLEANING ITEMS OR HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES e.g. iron, toaster, pots and pans (unless she REALLY loves to cook), etc. I don't care if it's pink, JUST NO!

  3. CANDY OR CHOCOLATE. Do you really want to listen to her nagging about her weight?

  4. ANYTHING WEIGHT LOSS-RELATED e.g. dumbells, jump rope, gym membership. You are JUST MEAN!

  5. GIFT CARD OR MONEY.  Are you that UN-INVESTED in the relationship to think about what she likes? Really?


  7. STUFFED ANIMALS. What, is she 5 years old?

  8. The "WE NEED TO TALK" speech... especially if it ends in tears, and there isn't an accompanying ring.

  9. In my research, a lot of lists included VALENTINE COUPON BOOKS. You know those ones that she can tear off to get a free back rub from you, or a free hug, etc. Well, I happen to think that those are cute and MUST include something that you WILL have to spend money on :) (Ok, and maybe I'm guilty of having bought a love coupon book *uninterested smiley* I AM NOT ASHAMED)

Wait, I change my mind. They're a bad Valentine gift FOR HER, but okay FOR HIM. Yes, I'm totally biased. 

BONUS! What NOT to give ME
10. FLOWERS. Taking care of flowers is simply time consuming. I'm not that interested. 

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