January 26, 2024

Weekly Recap aka Berry Bits


I hope you've had a great week. Mine was so-so, but I'm thankful for the weekend to reset and re-calibrate. It's crazy to think that January is pretty much over. Didn't we just say Happy New Year two days ago? Anyway, read on for the little bits of my life that touched me this week.


Picture this: a woman sits in her car, waiting for her daughter's school bus to arrive from school at the end of the day. Said woman is staring intently at her phone. Woman's eyes widen in shock, and for the next 7 minutes, she's crying hysterically and wailing in the car. I am Woman, she is Me. 

Earlier this week, one of my sisters asked if anyone of us had ever watched Poldark. I said I hadn't but meant to at some point, and figured I'd start watching. Poldark is a historical DRAMA series, and VERY HEAVY on the drama! At some point during Season 1, I asked myself how so much can happen to only one person in life (Yes, I know it's fiction but still). You would think that after watching Game of Thrones, I'd learn to never get attached to any character (I'm still in denial about Ned Stark FYI). Anyway, I've given you enough hints to explain why I sat in my car, heaving, and sobbing for a good amount of time. My other sister and cousin happened to call in that time frame and could not stop laughing at the sight of me crying over a TV show! Anyway, I have decided I can't watch anymore. I refuse to finish Season 2 because I can't handle it.


My beautiful girl! She can be the sweetest, kindest, most caring little person. On Monday she came home and announced that a new student would join her class the following day - so she took it upon herself to make a card for the incoming classmate and said she hopes they can be friends. It just warmed my heart!

And then twice this week, I was more tired in the evening than usual, so went to my bedroom early. Both times, I heard Coco go to her room and read her bible entry for the day (we use this one), pray and get ready to sleep by herself. Someone said to me this week that she thinks I'm a great mom, and honestly sometimes I feel like Coco's just Coco, without my influence. But I will give myself a little pat on the back :) and say thanks be to God.


Why on earth are service fees online so freaking high??????? You see an event you'd like to attend, you see the ticket price online, you go ahead to select your seats and date (mentally calculating how much the total will be), and then you go to the payment page and all of a sudden, there's a 25% to 50% markup on the total price because "Service Fees." Honestly, I'd rather these services build those fees into the tickets, so I know what I'm paying upfront!

And that's all I have for this week! I hope you have a great weekend and I'll hopefully have a proper blog post next week!

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  1. Lovely recap, Berry! Re: Coco, you deserve the pat on the back cos the foundation is there and it's so great to read about this compassionate girl you're raising! I'm also here for the rant! I would rather have upfront prices as well! Airbnb used to do this with their listings but I think they've updated the prices shown upfront due to the public backlash they got. Hopefully other services can follow suit!

  2. Hi Berry! I'm loving these weekly recaps; please keep them coming. Yes, you deserve a pat on the back. Keep doing what you are doing, okay?


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