January 5, 2024

Happy New Year! 2024

 Happy New Year folks!!!

It's that time of year where everything feels fresh and new. Hopes, dreams, goals and resolutions abound! There's always something that screams "New Year, New Me" and a zest to everything to come. 

I kinda feel that way too. But there's a little hesitation in my fully embracing it. Maybe it's because I haven't achieved all the things I wanted (I'm talking to you Weight Loss). Maybe it's because sometimes I'm not fully sure of what I really want (even at my big age of 41). Maybe it's because I'm still putting pen to paper to figure out my plans for 2024 (I had a 2024 Planning session with my girls and it was absolutely necessary!).

For what it's worth, I'm praying for a successful 2024 for me. The question is what will I determine to be success for me? 

  • Reaching my pre-pregnancy weight? 
  • Getting a new job with lots more money? 
  • Really keying into my relationship with and OBEDIENCE to God (actually YES, this!)? 
  • Mommy Oyoyo getting back on track?
  • This blog and my YouTube channel getting back on track? 
  • Finding forever-lasting romantic love with Chris Evans or Jason Momoa? 
  • Moving out of my parents' house (I actually need to write a post about my conflicting feelings regarding this)? 
  • Forgiving the debt that someone has owed me for going on 6 years, and his abject refusal to take repaying me seriously?!?!??!?!?!? (It's really only God that can help me forgive that debt)
  • Not waiting more than a day to put clean laundry away? (Listen, if I do this for one month, then it's a success for the next decade!)
All this to say we shall see how the year goes.
I hope you receive all that God has planned for you and yours!

Check out this YouTube short from our family's photo shoot on New Year's Day.

Have a pretty 2024 y'all! And if you don't mind, please share one or two things you're looking forward to this year in the comment box :)


  1. I’m looking forward to being intentional about using skills learned in therapy to navigate life. The second thing I’m looking forward to is improving my professional skills. Happy new year Berry!!!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Lulu! I'm glad you brought that up about therapy, because often we're given tools to use, but don't actually use them.

      Good luck with improving your professional skills! I have the same plan as well. I didn't share but one thing I'm doing is joining Toastmasters to help me overcome my fear of public speaking!

      Happy New Year!


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