August 19, 2019

Encore Wynn Boston Harbor

Have you ever heard the saying that the hotel room doesn't matter when you travel, since all you're going to do there is sleep? Do you agree with it? I for one, DO NOT!!! I love hotels! I love nice hotels! As a matter of fact, as a child, I told my mum that I wanted to live in a hotel when I grew up. In my mind having other people do all the cleaning and cooking sounded like paradise, and who doesn't want to live in that kind of environment, right?! LOL, if only real life were like that.

I think part of a great vacation is having a great place to stay. Even if you spend most of your time outside your accommodation, I'm of the opinion that where you stay should be comfortable at the very least. It's even better if the digs scream luxury like the Encore Wynn in Boston! Cocoa and I were invited to a weekend getaway in July and I wish we had spent more than just 2 days there. Take a look at the photos from our hotel and you'll see why.

The Encore Boston Harbor is gorgeous!!! Once we stepped in, the lobby was like something from a fairy tale. There's a lot of beautiful art in and outside the hotel.

Our room was beautiful, inviting and so comfortable!!!

Are you like me that likes to go home with the little soaps and other amenities?

This robe was absolutely luxurious and I spent pretty much the hotel weekend wearing it. Unfortunately it's not an item you can take home, although I believe you might be able to buy one.

Little Miss Cocoa really enjoyed herself during our weekend. She spent a lot of time exploring and couldn't wait to have a bubble bath.

Our room overlooked the Boston Harbor and I enjoyed chilling in the room and taking in the views.

On our first day there, while Cocoa was watched by a nanny, I was treated to time at the spa and MY OH MY!!! If I could afford it, I would get weekly spa treatments. Unfortunately cameras weren't allowed in the spa, so I couldn't get any photos. I can tell you that I enjoyed the sauna, the massage, and the dip in the warm jet pool thingy.

A little later we took a walk outside to enjoy some fresh air and enjoy the grounds.

While the hotel is absolutely beautiful, it's not very family friendly. On our first morning there, we planned to have brunch at the buffet but couldn't. The entrances to the buffet as well as some other restaurants in the hotel are only through the casino floor. Massachusetts law does not let anyone under the age of 21 to get onto the casino floor, not even if you just want to walk through to get to any of the restaurants housed within the casino. Yes, there are other restaurants in the hotel, but it just seemed a bit silly that there weren't any workarounds for this inconvenience. Cocoa wanted a doughnut, and the Dunkin Donuts in the hotel is in the middle of the casino floor! Imagine going for a weekend stay with your family or friends, and not being able to access the buffet because one person in your party is below 21. Even tiny infants are not allowed! I think that the hotel should find a way to create access to these restaurants that don't require getting onto the casino grounds.

Because of this drawback, I wasn't very keen on taking photos from the two restaurants we did go to. The food was really good though! I would highly recommend going to The Garden Cafe! I thoroughly enjoyed my food both days I had breakfast there. Another restaurant I would recommend is Mystique - even though we didn't actually get to eat there, LOL. All I know is I would have enjoyed the food. The vibe was really smooth - it would make for a nice evening out with your girls or on a date!

That's about it. While I was sad about missing the buffet, my consolation is I'm heading to Vegas before the year runs out, and I will definitely not miss out on the Encore Vegas buffet!!! At least Cocoa won't be there, so I won't hear any stories about minors not being allowed :p

Have a pretty week everyone!


  1. Awww, love your pictures. Looks like a great time. Drove by this hotel on our last Boston trip, will have to check it out in the future.

    1. Thanks Sweetness! It was a really lovely stay and I'm sure you'll have fun!


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