August 9, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you've had a great week and I wish you a greater weekend ahead! I shared very personal posts this week on social media, that I may share here on the blog at some point since I know some of you are social media-averse. But I hope you're all doing well, and that you enjoy the links I've got ready for your weekend reading pleasure. God bless.

  1. If you have a significant other and like to travel, you may want to check out Ten Rules for Flying Together as a Couple
  2. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. See some of the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
  3. The craziest thing I've done while driving is put makeup on. But here are Eleven Crazy Things People have Done while Driving
  4. If you like to travel but don't want to pay expensive hotel prices, you may want to read up on Hostels for Beginners.
  5. Does anyone care for Super Luxury in Dubai?
  6. Listen to the latest episode of the Mommy Oyoyo podcast where I and other women shared our Breastfeeding Story for World Breastfeeding Week.


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    This is very nice, great share.

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