August 12, 2019

DISCOVER GEORGIA: Cobb County International Festival

I love traveling. I enjoy attending events. I remember having so many events to attend when I lived in Nigeria - my peak blogging days. I had hoped to replicate the same thing here in Atlanta, but several factors come into play: I live a little bit far away from where a lot of events I'd like to go to are; there are a lot of weekday events and erm I have a full-time job (and a child); and sometimes I'm just plain old lazy. Occasionally, an event will cross my radar that fits well into my life, and the event I'm sharing today is the first annual Cobb County International Festival! Since this is an event in Georgia, I'm adding it to my Discover Georgia series, where I share different tourist attractions in the state of Georgia!.

I live in Cobb County, which has over 756,000 residents, a lot of whom are from different countries, backgrounds and cultures! I was surprised that this was the first ever International Festival in our county, but I know for sure, it's the first of very many to come. I attended the event with Cocoa and my dad as everyone else was busy. I really enjoyed seeing the dances presented by different cultural groups - and I have half a mind to make sure that Africa is VERY well presented next year!

There were also lots of shopping options. I didn't come prepared to shop - hello daycare fees and an upcoming girls trip! I met a Ghanaian woman who sells accessories that she makes herself. When I asked about her background, I wanted to melt into the floor. She took a sewing class just 4 years ago, started creating and has been successful enough that she quit her teaching job to make and sell African accessories and lifestyle items full-time. The reason why I wanted to melt into the ground is that I took the same sewing class maybe 9 or 10 years ago... and where have I gone with it? 

There were a number of food booths too, but to my dismay, not one African restaurant attended the event! There were two Jamaican ones, and one of them kept running out of food! There are way too many African restaurants in Cobb County to not have had a single appearance. 

I think everyone who attended had a lot of fun - I certainly did, and I hope to somehow be a part of the organizing or vendors next year!

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  1. Awww, I was gonna go to this but I got lazy and didn't feel like leaving the house lol. I'm calling Cobb County home these days too. Looks like it was a great event. Maybe i'll make it next year!


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