June 26, 2019

Mommy Oyoyo Podcast

I did something new!!! Something that has been on my mind since last year actually. I had this idea (like many other ideas), and spent so much time wondering if I could execute it, if I should execute it. I thought about it, over-analyzed, "did research," and did everything doable without actually doing much about it. Well, last week, I decided to JUST DO IT! And I'm pleased to announce my new baby...
I am very excited about starting my new podcast, Mommy Oyoyo. I started it to have a space for real, honest, and transparent stories about motherhood, from an African point of view. I want African women across the world to subscribe and hear stories that they relate to. We have been relegated too long to keeping quiet and not sharing our struggles, and so many of us are suffering in silence.

Just like I publicly shared trying to conceive, I want to be open and honest about motherhood. I want us all to be able to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope that in the future, Mommy Oyoyo becomes more than just a podcast and will allow African women across the world come together and share their experiences.

Please listen to the very first episode here, and share it with your friends and family!

The Mommy Oyoyo podcast is currently available on the following platforms:


You can request for it to be available on Stitcher, iTunes and your favorite podcast players by sending an email to requests@anchor.fm.

Have a fab rest of the week my darln's!

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