May 3, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

Happy May!!!!!

I feel like May is already flying by. We're already three days in and I'm struggling to catch up to April. I hope you're all doing well. If you're on Instagram or Facebook, join @TeaWithCubes for our live weekly talk show (4pm EST) - we're talking about African Traditions vs Modernity - what traditions should go, and what should stay; how do we balance them? I've got some nice links up for some light weekend reading, and there will definitely be 3 blog posts next week - and hopefully a video as well.

  1. Some people may feel guilty about not buying from their friends who own a business, so here's How to Support Your Creative Friends
  2. Wanna listen and dance along to Me and Cocoa's New Favorite Song?
  3. If you have The Ultimate List of Books for your Financial, Career, Business and Personal Development
  4. This one is for me, myself and I! Five Ways to Switch Off Your Brain at Night
  5. Are any of you in this boat of Looking for a New Job while Currently Employed?
  6. I just found out that the winner of the Miss USA pagaent has a fashion blog, White Collar Glam. Did you know that the current Miss USA, Miss America and Miss Teen USA are all black? YASS QUEENS!

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