April 30, 2019

WCW April 2019: Titi Sule

Better late than never!

This post should have gone up last week, but since we're still in April, I'm going to go ahead and put up the April WCW feature. As you know, my Woman Crush Wednesday series features women that I am inspired by.

I have known Titi for around a decade now. Funny enough, I know her through the same website where I met my March WCW, Sheila - Naija Ryders! And what's even more funny is I had lunch today with a group of Nigerians at work and ran into a guy I also know from Naija Ryders! We are plenty o.

Anyway, the reason why I am inspired by Titi is that she dabbles in a lot of different things, while holding down a job, and raising her two boys with her husband. Titi is an author, blogger, has a podcast, is on the board of a non-profit organization (Access2Success), amongst other things. What excites me the most is her children's book series, Zaki and Zoltan, who are Nigerian boys that travel and explore different countries and cultures. Titi recently launched the animated series that you can subscribe to on Youtube! She's one of the first people who asked me if I ever plan to write a book, and I'm still here just looking cos what can I possibly write about? I hope you enjoy this feature.

Can you kindly introduce yourself to us? What's youre name, where are you from and all that good stuff?
I’m Titi Sule, I was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and originally from Ondo State. I live in Charlotte NC with my husband and two sons. I am an avid reader, traveler, and learner. Lover of all kinds of arts including music, dance, sculptures, and writing.

I like to ask my WCWs about the different things they do, and I know your list is long! What different things do you dabble in work-wise, and also creatively?
It’s not that long haba! LOL. I am a product management professional for a manufacturing company. I also love to create art especially writing so I have written a couple books and currently producing children jingles and animation on a Youtube channel called Zaki & Zoltan Adventures. The other thing I do is podcast whenever time permits, by sharing some self-development tips.

Since you do so much, and are married with children, may I ask how you balance it all?
It is the art of juggling :) I am very disciplined with living through my calendar at work and at home. If it needs to get done, it needs to be on a calendar and if it is on a calendar, I tend to do it. I am a habitual creature with time and so I stick to the same routine daily. I found ways to outsource house chores through local home services or deal with it through wonderful home appliances. I have my support group locally and we share tips and help each other as needed. My husband is also quite active with the kids and house activities so he is able to support me when I am not available or need a break. I think eventually each working mother  finds her rhythm between work, family, chores, and herself.

Do you think women can have it all? If yes, at the same time or at different times?
Women can have whatever we prioritize and given that we have a limited time in a day, our choices are also limited. So with the art of juggling, we can figure out our rhythm to achieve our goal(s). We can choose to focus on one goal and fast track it or we can choose multiple goals and go slower, it is up to us. Each woman will define what success is to them and it isn’t one size fits all. So to answer your question, if having it all means being herself, having  a career and a family, I am confident that a woman can do all successfully, however, these priorities may go at different speeds. There will be a time when family requires more time and when work requires more time. Finding that rhythm where we are not too stretched one way or another is key. We have pretty good instincts and they tell us when we are struggling. My only lesson here is whatever you choose, avoid the guilt voice so you can be fully present in that activity.

Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?
I am inspired by greatness. Listening to stories of people that have overcome adversity and done something great with their lives. My favorite podcast currently is Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class. Various top achievers in different industries tell their own stories and it is so inspiring to listen to.

If you didn't have to worry about money ever again, what would you do for work?
I would probably still do what I’m doing now but dedicate more time to educate and sponsor as many kids in orphanages as possible. Maybe squeeze in a dance class too.

Is there anything you would do differently in life if you had the chance to do it over?
This is a hard one. The only thing that comes to mind is to have the opportunity again to sit with my dad, ask questions, and listen to his life story.

And finally, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
I could not pick one, however, Coldstone Founder’s Favorite ice cream is the best icecream ever. It is a heavenly mixture.

Massive thanks to Titi for letting me feature her. I especially love her answers You can find her online as below:

Instagram: @TZSOnline
Website: www.tzsonline.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shortspaner/
Podcast: https://anchor.fm/tzsonline/


  1. I checked out the Zaki and Zoltan Adventures on Youtube. It is very creative! - www.jamilakyari.com


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