April 8, 2019

10 Ways to Use Your Break Time Productively

Hi there,

THANK GOD IT'S MONDAY!!! Did I actually say that? I typically dread Mondays and can't wait for Fridays, but today I'm just choosing to be thankful for a new work week. Speaking of work, I thought it would be nice to share some ways to be productive during your down times - whether it's your break or lunch time. Some breaks are shorter than others - they can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour long. And you can use that time wisely - I definitely do. Check out some of the ways you can maximize your break time.

  1. Take a break! 
    The main reason for break times built into your schedule at work, is so you can take an actual break from work. And taking a break is in itself, being productive and allowing your eyes and your mind relax for a few minutes. If you're tired, you can even take a power nap - I've done so a few times myself.
  2. Read a book.
    As you know, I'm trying to read more books this year and one of the ways I've been able to read more is taking advantage of my breaks at work. Even 10 minutes counts and adds up - before you know it, you have added at least 2.5 hours of reading per week.
  3. Network with others.
    A good way to use your break time wisely is to take the time to get to know other people in your department or the organization. You can either approach someone and ask to sit with them for lunch or coffee as a start. Meeting new people also helps you share ideas and build relationships. I went to a networking event two weeks ago, and the speaker said something that I found profound: "It's not what you know, it's not who you know, it's who knows you." You never know who may look out for you in your organization, and vice versa. 
  4. Balance your Budget.
    If you have been following me recently, then you know that I'm a member of the Clever Girl Finance program. One of the great habits I've learned is tracking my expenses regularly, and keeping a close eye on my budget. I typically take a few minutes to catch up on my bank accounts and enter numbers into my Google spreadsheet budget tracker, and this helps keep me in check with my finances.
  5. Exercise or Stretch.
    This is NOT my favorite thing to do, but when I have exercised during my break times, I have felt much better about myself, and even my day. And just like the point about reading, little bursts of exercise add up. *makes mental note to talk a walk during my first break today*
  6. Attend to Personal tasks
    Some of us are unable to make calls while working at our desks, and may need to use our scheduled breaks or lunch times to attend to those calls, or even run other personal errands. I have called my bank, Cocoa's daycare, gone grocery shopping, etc during some of my breaks, so that I don't have to push them to the end of the day when I typically rush home to Cocoa. Additionally, some offices close before I get off work, and I need to use my break times to speak to someone there before they close.
  7. Pray or Read your Bible/Devotional.
    Who else finds themselves rushing in the morning, and sadly don't seem to have enough time to just sit and pray or read the Bible? To be honest, you should make the time for this - maybe wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual - but you can catch up on some prayer time or reading your Bible whenever you have a break at work. It's a good thing to keep yourself plugged into God and His presence throughout the day, so why not try using your lunch or break to talk to your heavenly father?
  8. Journal/Plan
    A great way to use your down-time at work is to either journal or write out your plans or lists. Have you heard of a Brain Dump? If you're the kind of person that has a lot on your mind, using your break time at work to write out everything on some paper or in a notebook, can help you have a clearer mind. It can help you gain some clarity on how to achieve your goals. Whether it's through writing out how your day's going or making a to-do list, there's something powerful about writing out your thoughts and plans. 
  9. Get Social.
    Again, not everyone has the ability to use their phones while at work. So when you get a break, you could use that time to catch up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever social media outlets you use. Be mindful of the time you spend though, as social media can have a negative impact on you. If you're a content creator who has a full-time job like me, then this is the time you could use to respond to comments, post your photos (if they aren't scheduled), etc.
  10. Learn or Get Inspired
    This may not be possible on a short break, but you can take a short course, listen to a podcast or watch a Ted Talk to keep your grey matter working, and learn something new or find inspiration.  

What do you do on your break and/or lunch times? 


  1. All your points are so valued.

    1. I do different things from the list, depending on what needs to get done.


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