April 12, 2019

Berry Lovely Links

Hi there!!!!!

How's your week been? I hope you had a great one. If you see this post today (as in Friday), check out the question I asked on my Instagram stories - about Meghan Markle aka Duchess of Sussex's aka Cousin Meg's decision to keep her birth plan private. What are your thoughts seeing as she's a public figure, but giving birth is a private thing?

I hope you enjoy the links for your weekend read :)

  1. Random stories like this one about the guy who provides Laundry Services to Rock Stars make me feel oddly cheery.
  2. 9 year old me might have appreciated this article asking people to Stop Asking Kids What They Want to be When They Grow Up.
  3. We all make mistakes, especially in finances, but here's How to Recover from a Month of Overspending
  4. I found a business idea after reading about The Housewife Living Her Best Life with Zero Salary.
  5. Check out 10 Easy Ways to Invest In Yourself Right Now
  6. I have to do this very soon!!! I Spent My Entire Weekend Without My Phone

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