April 11, 2019

On Being A Drama Queen

"There she goes again. The Drama Queen is here."

"Gosh, what is it again? You too like drama!"

"You're so dramatic!"

Have you ever had any of those phrases or similar said about you? Do people call you a drama queen because they believe you tend to overreact to situations? Does the label 'Drama Queen' offend you or on the contrary, make you feel a little bit empowered?

For a long time, I have been called a Drama Queen and I have had varying responses to it. I have reveled in the drama, and wholeheartedly embodied a dramatic persona at times. At other times, I have protested and fought against the label. Lately though, I've given Drama Queendom a little more thought. It might seem like I'm rambling in this post, but stay with me :p

On one hand, I don't know that being called a Drama Queen is the worst thing in the world. I think there's a certain aspect of it that can be seen as positive. I am a person who feels my emotions and wears my heart on my sleeves. I don't shy away from crying when I feel the need, and I would rather confront discuss issues I have with anyone promptly, instead of holding it in and letting resentment and anger fester. I have been that person who would keep things in and eventually explode in REAL dramatic fashion, and I didn't like that person. So, if embracing my emotions and being willing to talk things out immediately makes me a drama queen, then so be it!

On the other hand though, constantly giving into feelings can be emotionally and mentally draining. It does not pay to give in to every single feeling. Sometimes it's better to overlook a slight and not take offense - picking which battles to fight is a much better prospect.

Another drawback with being labeled a drama queen is that others may downplay, dismiss or disregard your feelings because according to them, "You're always upset." I will be honest - someone close to me said this about me, and I almost took offense (YOU SEE... DRAMAAAAAAAA) but I explained to her that I would rather be upfront, deal with whatever happened as quickly as possible, and move on. That being said, it does not feel good to be dismissed when you're legitimately upset about something.

Little Miss Cocoa is already almost being labeled a tiny drama queen, taking after her mummy. I have fought against it though and instead choose to say that my little madam is just very aware of her feelings and is not afraid to show them - she IS just a toddler, so hey! I will fight tooth and nail against any kind of negative labels thrust upon my child though, so even when she throws herself on the floor because I said she can't have any more crackers, she cannot be called a drama queen.

What's the summary of this post? None. I just felt like sharing my thoughts on being a drama queen.

Majestically yours,
Queen Berry!

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