January 24, 2019

Tea With Cubes Season 2 Premiere

Your favorite talk show is BACK!!! This Sunday, January 27th, at 4pm EST (10pm WAT), LIVE on Instagram and Facebook @TeaWithCubes  join us for our first episode of Season 2 of Tea With Cubes. We are a trio of dynamic women who aim to reach the modern African woman (and man) through insightful, inspiring and entertaining discussions on current events and interesting topics.

In Season 1, our conversations spanned from Sexual Harassment, Childbirth, Social Media Pressure/Comparison, Disciplining Children, Cosmetic Surgery and more! You can catch more interesting convos and a wide variety of guests in Season 2.

Keep up with Tea Wth Cubes on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


  1. Interesting! I will definitely try to watch this on Sunday. It seems like it would be a lot of fun and the topics you cover seem both timely and relevant. - https://jamilakyari.com

    1. Thanks Jamila! We're excited for our new season!


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