January 4, 2019

Berry Lovely Links


For our first Lovely Links post of the year, I thought it would be nice to check out some 2018 in Review posts from some of my favorite bloggers. I like to read the reviews and lessons that people learned over time, and you never know what you might pick up from reading about other people's experiences. If you blog or have a Youtube channel and have reviewed 2018, please feel free to leave the link below so that I can catch up with you. Have fun reading!

  1. I've followed Titi for a while, and even met up with her (see this post), and I loved the lessons she learned, as well as the fashion and photography in her post. See Lessons From The Last 365 Days.
  2. I'm not quite sure how I found Stephy. She's a beautiful Zambian blogger who lives in England and her photography and Instagram game are on point! Her What 2018 Has Taught Me really resonated with me.
  3. Ijeoma Kola is  KILLING the blogging and social media game. I have followed her for years, and I really like her content. But in 2018, there seemed to be a shift.. for the better. She shared 5 Things I Did in 2018 That Turned Me Into a Six-Figure Blogger. Guys, this is six figures in US Dollars! Jesus help me in 2019 ooooooooooo. 
  4. I finally met Vera last week, and we show a video asking random questions (from this journal that I tried to turn into a series on the blog). She also shared 20 Lessons Learned in 2018.
  5. Whitney Madueke quit her job in 2017 to pursue the Blogging/Influence life full time. She shared how 2018 went for her in this video.
  6. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned the great resource for Nigerian bloggers that is The Blogger Point. It's run by Maryam Salam and she shared her 2018 in Review, which addressed failing in school. Fun fact (actually not fun), but I almost failed out of business school way back when.
I hope you're inspired by the lessons learned in the posts above. When you get down to it, life is not as easy as it seems on social media. But we all should make the best of what we have, get up and strive for better.

Happy New Year once again.


  1. Aaaaaw Berry thanks for sharing this . You have made my Friday and I love that you could relate to my lessons learnt . Now I will feast my eyes on the other featured bloggers. Might learn a thing or two. Stay blessed and that six figure portion , may it be our portion too!!!

    1. It's my pleasure Steph!!!

      And YESSSSSS to six-figures! Sooner than later!

  2. Thank you, doll! So lovely meeting you. I'm gonna go check out the other wonderful ladies you featured here.

  3. I did not do a review for 2018! I was so glad and I am still glad that year is over and done with. Such a nightmare year but I'll check these links and read them.

    1. Oh wow, that sucks. 2018 was a hard year for me, but I ended it on an optimistic note and having a positive outlook. Life will have tough times, but we are tough too and we can only ask God for strength to weather the storms.

      I pray you have a much better 2019!


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