January 26, 2019

BERRY VLOG: Dark-Skinned Mamas, Light-Skinned Kids

Have I ever shared on the blog that I once met a man who refused to believe Little Miss Cocoa is my child? As in, he argued with me for 30 minutes, insisting that my sister is her mother. All this because I'm dark-skinned and Cocoa is light-skinned, just like my sister and her children. Do your kids look different from you? So much so that people feel the need to comment and ask if you're sure your children are yours? Are you dark-skinned with light-skinned children, or vice versa? 

In this video, I chat with Remi Makanjuola of @GraceToParent and we share our thoughts on responding to questions and comments we have received from strangers, friends and family alike. We also talk about how we plan to teach our children that beauty comes from within and the color of your skin should not define your worth.


  1. I would find it upsetting to have someone question whether my child is really my child. Like how is that even his/her business? You are both beautiful. I admire your stance on this. Cocoa is blessed to have you as her mama.


    1. Exactly! And I would surely have some very choice words for such people.

    2. Thanks Stephy and Vira. Like Remi said in the video, sometimes people just feel the need to make comments without thinking.

      I'm blessed to be Cocoa's mama!!!


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