January 15, 2019

Book Review: Adenike by Adenike Oyetunde

I wasn't planning to review this, or any book for that matter, but after I happened upon Adenike and read it from cover to cover in a few hours, I knew I had to share it with you here. Before I go into the book itself, I'd like to share a little background story of how I know the author, Adenike Oyetunde.

I don't quite remember the first time I saw or noticed Adenike. It was probably soon after I moved to Lagos to start NYSC and started attending The Waterbrook Church. I vaguely remember seeing her with the Media Team and noticed she walked with a limp, but didn't think much of it. I was new, shy (I can be an inherently and sometimes painfully shy person, especially in new environments and may not speak unless spoken to - and unfortunately, I know some people at the church called me or thought I was a snob, but that's neither here nor there). Anyways, Adenike served with the Media Team and I was on the Theater/Drama Team. We had mutual friends, but I don't think we ever had any real one-on-one conversations.

In the past few years, our interaction has mostly been through social media. I have silently watched and admired her positive personality. She's a Media Personality and Social Media Influencer. She started a Gratitude Jar Challenge (which you can follow on Instagram @gratitudejarchallenge), where she encourages you to write out things you're grateful for on a daily basis. She's also the founder of the Amputees United Initiative in Nigeria (@amputeesunited), that seeks to support and share stories of amputees across the world.

Adenike's book starts with a foreward by a mentor figure (I think), who introduces you to the glowing character of the author. We then get to read a few reviews from respected personalities in Nigeria. The main book begins as Adenike shares her life story from her parents' difficulty in having children, to growing up as a fun-loving and often mischievous Daddy's girl. Adenike then shares her secondary school and university shenanigans, as you see that she's clearly one who's favored by God's grace. Things take a somber turn as her health deteriorates from merely slipping and falling to a cancer diagnosis to amputation of one of her legs. Adenike paints a heartbreaking picture that follows her family's initial refusal to accept the diagnosis, to their financial and emotional struggles as they embark on a painful journey. Thankfully, as she shares in the book, she has been blessed with VERY supportive friends who help out in different ways. Next is the recovery process, getting a prosthetic limb, and a little bit about her career trajectory from lawyer to media personality . Adenike then covers her spirituality and faith in God, which she shares in depth. She also offers advice to amputees and their families on how to deal with life-as-is. The final chapter of the book tells her story from her parents' eyes, and how painful it was for them to watch their daughter go through so much. Adenike's friends and mentors also share their thoughts and words of encouragement.

Like I mentioned, I happened upon the book by chance, and literally read it all within a few hours. The wide range of emotions was unexpected - I'm not quite sure what I expected really. I chuckled and smiled at her antics a young girl. My heart broke for her family as I read what a painful ordeal it was for them. I marveled at how much favor she has from God and how people have helped her so much along the way. I admired her honesty in sharing her life, but also acknowledging the doubts and hurt she felt. In summary, I think the book is FANTASTIC and everyone should get a copy. It's very easy to read and has an uplifting outlook on life. It's available on Amazon, OkadaBooks, as well as physical stores within Nigeria.

You can follow Adenike on Instagram (@AdenikeOyetunde).

P.S. She didn't ask me to read or review the book. I just really enjoyed it that much.

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