May 30, 2016

Style Swap with Me!

Hey everyone!!!

Thanks for the birthday messages! I was really touched by every single one of them, both online and offline :) I'm back in Atlanta now, after traveling for almost 2 weeks. Our time in the UK was so much fun - I'm pretty certain those who follow me on Snapchat can attest to that. There were a lot of activities planned, and one of them was an outing with fellow blogger Nemi aka True Sorella.

We ended up hanging out in one of the H&M stores on Oxford Street, and she came up with an idea for us to style each other in different outfits. She's been able to get her video of me edited already, so I thought it'd be fun to share here. I have a backlog of videos to edit, but I'll try to get hers done soon as well.



  1. Hi Berry,

    This was so much fun to watch. My favourite look was the olive green shirt dress, it suited you beautifully. Monochrome hues are great but a pop of colour every once in a while is like a happy ray of sunshine. :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your video of Nemi.

    1. Hey Nedoux,

      Thanks a lot. I really liked the way I felt in the dress, I can't even lie. It just felt so womanly and sexy. There was a slit on the side actually.

      I hope I can get her video done in time :)

  2. Berry you are a dancer oh. Fun video. finally got an earpiece to watch at work. This pieces are not in my local H&M oh. Going to Oxford street! I love the yellow top, and the kimono!
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    1. I get it from my mama!!! And she gets it from her mama... and papa! I haven't even checked to see if anything similar is in the H&M near me. But mehn, Oxford Street is something else... loved it!

  3. I loved outfit #4. I love yellow and orange. And the yellow with the monochrome print - love!
    The shirt dress was cute too. And the white blazer. So basically I liked what you liked, lol.

    If they had the shirtdress in a bold print, I'd put you in that too.

    1. I think I should invest in shirt dresses at this rate, cos they seem to suit me well, innit?

      Thanks lady!


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