November 4, 2015

New on Berry Dakara Blog

Hey everyone,

I announced this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but forgot to do it here. I've added an EVENTS page to the blog.

I realized that a lot of times, you guys (and even me) find out about events too late - usually a day before, the day of, or even AFTER the event has passed.

I don't like that, so I want to keep you guys in-the-know about upcoming events. These are events that are more along the lines of those I would usually attend - not that I'll go to all of them o, but they're the kind of things I like to do.

So if you're organizing an event or a promoter and would like to have your event listed on my page, email me - with your flyer and details. Please note that paid events attract a small charge, but will also be posted across my social media feeds.


  1.!!! Really thoughtful of you, Berry. Thank youuuu. God bless you!♡


  2. I will tag you in some. Great idea

  3. This is a great idea, it's always nice to know about an event that one would love to attend, before it happens rather than after. Seeing the fab post-event photographs and thinking "Oh! I wish I'd known about this" really sucks. Lol

    Well done Berry!


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