November 29, 2015

Berry Lovely Links - Thanksgiving Edition

Hey everyone,

I really meant to post consistently while away, but girls have been busy with family and tired. Although Cakes and I have been waking up waaaaaaaay too early - blame it on jetlag and also the fact that we wake up early normally - I just haven't had energy to post.

But here are some links for you to check out because it's Thanksgiving weekend.

  1. 100 Things to Be Thankful For - I like this list because it includes a lot of everyday things that we would otherwise take for granted.
  2. My Family - I don't want to post their photo on the blog, but check out our family photo on my Instagram page. I am immensely thankful for my family. We had a fun Thanksgiving dinner yesterday :)
  3. Thanksgiving With Black Families trended on Twitter with hilarious memes!
  4. Let's face it - sometimes it's hard to see the blessings around you when you have experienced pain. But When It's Hard to be Thankful, remember GOD IS. 
  5. Youversion has many Devotionals centered on Giving Thanks. You can try one or all of them out.


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