November 11, 2015

My other famous cousin!

Hey guys and gals!

So you know how my cousin was the captain of The Nigerian Super Eagles football team until he retired in 2014? Remember how I mistakenly disowned him after that own-goal? Well he's no longer disowned and he's back to being my cousin

But I'm not here to talk about him. I want to introduce you to our other cousin. This our cousin is soooooo beautiful enh. Like I feel like you should be jealous of me for having such great talent and beauty in my family.

Oh you want to know who this fabulous cousin of mine is? Simply the newly crowned Miss Nigeria, Pamela Peter-Vigboro Leesi. I call her Mel for short.

JY (that's my nickname for Joseph) and I are so proud of her. She even won 2 cars. But out of the goodness and humility of my heart, I declined to take one of them that she offered to me as her favorite cousin.

Aren't you happy you know me?

I would have posted her photo but your screen will explode, so... sorry. 



P.S. Don't ask her if she knows me, because I will deny you. You in particular. 


  1. Your cousin fine no be small. Long may she reign.....

  2. Loooool silly, I also think she's gorgeous sha

  3. Lmaooooo Berry Berry Berry oooooooo. You are something else. Got me laughing so hard.

    Erm I haven't been able to go get that stuff o.. Help? Biko, Ejo, Abeg, Pretty please send it to me??
    One Year And Counting

  4. haha love it!
    She's gorgeous!

    please check my blog out

  5. Chai Berry! You wee not kill person...!

  6. lool great post


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