September 30, 2015

Happy Independence Day

I know it isn't independence day yet in Nigeria but I just read a Bible passage on Youversion and I think the message is so apt and timely. I know some people will say (and I quite agree) that too many of us are always trying to rely on just prayer for Nigeria. I think that while we push for prayer, we should also ACT on making changes. We cannot expect to keep on behaving the same ways we have been and see change happen. Change doesn't happen. We are responsible for making those changes.
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I know it can be frustrating and discouraging to see your noble efforts seemingly go to waste, but rest easy in knowing that you are doing your part.

Nigeria is nowhere near where it should be, and sometimes I feel sorry for people like my grandfather who in various ways fought for our independence. The last time I visited them, my grandmother told me there was a time when the whole country would be notified via radio or TV BEFORE there was a power outage for maintenance or whatever reason. Can you believe that?! Nigeria!

Oh well. Just wanted to share this morning. Have a safe and happy Independence Day tomorrow.


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