September 16, 2015

How to Wear Clip Ins

Hi everyone,

As you know I've been wearing Nazuri Curls hair for a few weeks now. I got the Straight hair type in clips. There's currently a promo where you can get a 10% discount if you enter the coupon code: BERRYDAKARA (see right side bar for ad)

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I have been asked several times to make a video of how I wear them but my apartment is a bit too dark (THE STRUGGLE!!!) and I haven't yet found a good spot to make videos. I don't want to keep delaying so here's the video that I used to learn how to wear clip-ins...

Shirley Eniang is one of my favorite vloggers - she has a blog but doesn't update it much these days. Her hair is relaxed so it's easy for her to place the clips into the cornrows. Since my hair is natural and my cornrows or flat twists aren't soft, I like to place the clips in the parts between each flat twist or cornrow.

I promise to try to make a video this week, if not I might just do a pictorial. Hey, that's an idea!!!

Anyways, check out this video below of Chiaka Valentina who has gorgeous natural hair, and uses Nazuri Curls as well - hers is in the Afro Texture though, so she doesn't use a closure like I do. She doesn't braid or cornrow her hair down, since it already matches the extensions curl pattern.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you would like to see a video or pictorial from me.

Remember to use the code: BERRYDAKARA for 10% off when you place your Nazuri Curls orders.


  1. hey Berry, thanks for the link. coincidentally, i've spent the last two days combing the internet for clip ins.
    Do you know if their hair is human hair or synthetic? their website doesn't specify. I'm after an afro clip in that is synthetic, and that's proving very difficult to find

    1. You're welcome. Nazuri Curls hair is human hair, not synthetic. You can buy a synthetic weave and sew your clips in, if that's really what you want to get.

  2. Lovely! Please what length did you get and how many came with it? Thanks.

    1. OMG, how did I forget to answer. I got 18 and 20 inches (each came with 7 pieces), and then a 16-inch closure.

  3. Hi.
    Thanks for the tutorial. What length and how many are these, please ?

    1. Hi. I got 2 bundles, 18 inches and 20 inches (lately though, I've been using one and a half). I also have a 16-inch closure.


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