September 13, 2014

First Impression: Nazuri Curls

Hello there!!!

Today I'm going to give you my first impressions about a company called Nazuri Curls (see the Nigerian store here). Nazuri Curls produces virgin hair weaves in Afro Kinky Curly, Kinky Curly, Curly and Kinky Straight textures. Their weaves are made from virgin hair that has been steam processed to get curls that can easily blend with afro and curly textured hair. Nazuri Curls hair is suitable for all hair types - natural, relaxed and transitioning. The hair comes in weave bundles, clip-ins (no extra cost), and in wigs (for an extra price).

Nazuri Curls is UL-based and they have a Nigerian distributor, but ship worldwide, so anybody anywhere can actually order.

I was contacted a couple of months ago and given a generous discount to purchase any of their hair products for review. About 5 weeks ago I finally decided on which weave I wanted (Afro Kinky Curly) and decided that I wanted them with clip-ins, so that I could easily take off the hair and wear it in different hairstyles. I finally got them a week ago - there was a snag with delivery, as I had traveled and when I came back, their distributor here had traveled as well. Eventually, I got the hair and I've worn it for the past 1 week. I will do a full product review after some time - 4 to 8 weeks. But for now, I'd like to share pictures I have taken over the course of 1 week.

Note that I left hair out at the top of my head. Whenever my hair is out, I typically flat twist or twist at night to stretch and avoid tangles. So twisting the hair I left out for my clip ins wasn't necessarily added work. On 3 nights, I single twisted, and on the other 2 nights, I flat twisted. The results are pretty much the same.

It takes me a few minutes to put the clips in - about 5 to 7 minutes in average. Ifeyinwa of Love, Ifeyinwa (also the Nigerian distributor) can sleep in her clip-ins, but I found that I can't. It takes me a while to fall asleep on a regular day, so trying to sleep with anything more than a simple scarf is very uncomfortable - in fact, sometimes I have to retie my scarf 3 times to get it comfortable enough.

My only gripe for now would be having to put gel on my hair daily as gel dries out my hair and may lead to flaking. For Thursday and Friday though, I absolutely refused to use gel, and I was fine. When I get my African Naturalistas curl pudding, I'll use that instead.

nazuri curls afro kinky curly clip in

berry dakara nazuri curls

It didn't occur to me to ask what color(s) the hair come in, but I'm guess they're a 2. I know this because I usually prefer a color 1B, so it's a little lighter than I usually like, but it blends well... so far, so I'm not worried. Besides, I can dye the hair at a later stage if I decide to.

Here are a couple of pictures from my Instagram account...

afro kinky curly nazuri curls

nazuri curls
Worn in a side part - yes, I get very bored with hair styles very quickly, so it's a good thing I got clip ins.

The hair is pretty high maintenance, and it will certainly force me to take better care of my own hair - in that, the clip-ins have to be washed (recommended weekly), deep conditioned (recommended every 2 weeks), and cowashed (twice a week) regularly. You also have to spray daily with water, and put in leave-in conditioner for the curls to really pop. As I type this, it's Saturday afternoon and the hair is currently being air-dried after cowashing.

*cowash means washing with conditioner*

Anyways, I'll be back in a few weeks to let you know how the hair has held up :)

Nazuri Curls Contact Information
Website: Nazuri Curls
Instagram: @nazuricurls
Twitter: @nazuricurls
Facebook: Nazuri Curls
Google Plus: +Nazuri Curls

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Fab, the hair looks very natural and blends with your hair really well. I love it!

  2. I love! Clip ins....Amazing! High maintainance....... Hm hm. If I did all that to my hair in one week my own curls would so pop. Until dey make d low maintainance kind... Ill jst admire it on ur head. Looks really good...... Nw if u were giving it away..........

    1. LOL!!! First, it was that I should giveaway a trip to Dubai, and now I should give hair too.

      Invest in the hair :D

    2. Don't worry B, u would soon start dashing out stuff like Oprah.....I'm already seeing it

  3. Nice hair. Very natural looking

    1. No one would know they were clip-ins if you didn't tell them. They look so natural. I love the last set of pics. Your face sef is popping.

  4. I somehow stumbled on your blog from another blog..anyway am glad i did cos am natural and i have gotten to a stage in my natural phase where i have absolutely no idea what to do with my i know. i would go and purchase this weave. thanks and by the way your hair looks amazing.

    1. Thanks a lot Chantel. I'm sure you'll like the weave.

  5. Ill like to see you in pink (fushia, baby or any pink) lipsticks/lipcolours. You are soo cute

  6. I love the side parting style look better with it and I love clip ins. Really easy for lazy peeps like .... *looking for a lazy person here*.

  7. I should order this and use for a crotchet wig....My wallet will suffer

  8. hello berry pls can you call mi pls

  9. cos i wan to order dont mind if you can assist mi plssssssssss


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