July 5, 2013

On giving/charity...

Hey y'all.

Thank goodness for the end of another week! I wish I could rest the whole weekend, but it's one activity after the other, starting this evening. Ah well, I complained about being bored in my last post, right? Serves me right!

Anyways, I wanted to get your take on giving. In Nigeria, there are beggars, for lack of a better word, EVERYWHERE. From the disabled, to the sick, to the poor mother carrying her children, to teenagers who demand to clean your windscreen, etc. There was a time, earlier in the year, when I actively kept change (N50 and N100 notes) strictly for handing out, if I encountered any destitute on the road. I had a system of selecting who I would give money to: young children, disabled people and disfigured patients. I had thought about the teens who try to wash your windscreen, but I've heard a few times that they just use the money to buy drugs and alcohol - or sometimes would steal from you.

Lately, I haven't given much because I changed routes to/from work. Sometimes it's because I simply don't have change to hand out. But what worries me is that other times, I really just don't feel like giving. And while it makes me feel guilty for keeping my money, I'd rather not give if I'm not doing it cheerfully.

Do you get what I'm saying? What do you think?

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