July 8, 2013

Missed Opportunities...

Hi friends!

I hope you had a pretty weekend. I had a nice, busy one. Not only did I get to see my longtime friend, visiting from Dallas, but we also attended the Naturals In The City meet-up. I took Cakes a-visiting with aunts and uncles, so the family/extended family/family friends are getting to meet him. And so far, everyone thinks I have very good taste.

*I'm not saying I don't have good taste. This comment in NO WAY takes anything away from Cakes' tastiness. BUT... I feel like said family and friends would have said I had good taste, regardless of who I brought home. Some family members have been fasting and praying for years, so I think they would have accepted ANYBODY I brought. That being said, Cakes is VERY TASTY! He's so tasty, his name is CAKES!*

And when I say tasty, I mean in the line of Good Taste, not tongue tasting because that would be weird. *blank staring back at you*


My aforementioned friend from Dallas, invited me to dinner with her parents on Sunday evening. I really really wanted to go, but changed my mind at the last minute. I've had such busy days, and I just decided to sit my butt at home and embrace my fatigue. So I texted her to let her know I couldn't come anymore, and she understood because she's just a doll.

Well an hour or so later, she sent a message saying "Obi Mikel is here having dinner." At this point I start freaking out, because OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG!!! I wail, and rant, and scream, and pout because this was a missed opportunity to meet and take pictures with him! I just don't know why things like this happen to me! Instead of eating couscous and ofada stew, I could have been hobnobbing with Mikel at Radisson Blu! I had to get over it after 30 minutes sha. These things happen, right?


  • I didn't even know what Obi Mikel looked like, until after I was done wailing. I had to search for his image on Google. So he literally could have walked by me and I wouldn't have given him a second thought.
  • I was more excited because I recognized his name from one of Flavour's songs.
  • I got even more excited when I searched some more and saw that he's a millionaire. Don't judge me, but if he was just a thousandaire footballer, I probably wouldn't have cared as much. 

What is the moral of the story? When your friend's parents offer to take you to dinner, say YES because there WILL be a celeb for you to stalk take pictures with - even if someone has to point out that he/she is so-and-so.

Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty week thoughts to you.

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  1. Mikel Obi seems to have been the toast of the town this weekend. I saw many pics of him.

  2. LOL. I had to google the name too. A similar thing happened this weekend, except I went because it was a friend's get together and met a known veteran NBA player.

    1. The recap of my minor famzing :) - http://ow.ly/1Z6T2f

  3. Looool. You are such an unserious creature.

  4. @ taynement: So I saw o.

    @ Lady ID: Good job on recognizing your celeb and taking a picture with him!!!

    @ ilola: Allow me :)

  5. Your posts just always make me laugh. Nice!



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