July 26, 2013

Longest overduest Goals Check In

Remember how I started the year with Berry Dakara's 2013 Goals. My previous progress report can be found here - March Goals Check In Time!

Let's just say that I slacked off BIG TIME. I'm probably doing well and keeping on track with only 2 out of 13 goals. *le sigh*

Goal Steps Progress
1. Live independently by the second half of the year (new apartment, new car) i. Determine cost of housing in desired area.
ii. Work out necessary saving plan.
i. My car's name is JET!!!!!
ii. Since Cakes and I are engaged, the apartment hunt is for 2 of us. I still want to live by myself for a month or so though.
2. Get married by the end of the year i. Ask God for direction.
ii. Continue working on relationship with Cakes, and bridging our families.
iii. Start wedding planning in earnest. Timelines, lists, vendors, fall in line!
i. You already know that Cakes proposed.
ii. Pre-marital counseling classes have been completed. Speaking of which, I think there should be Pre-engagement classes. I've been seeing more of them crop up in the US.
iii. I still want to hyphenate my married name.
3. Try out Nollywood i. ON HOLD i. ON HOLD
4. Lose 13 pounds by my birthday and keep it off all year! i. Check weight everyday.
ii. Do the 10lbs Slimdown series which means going to bed and waking up early!
iii. Do the Max Capactiy Training app on BB Playbook
iv. Eat proper, balanced meals
v. Drink more water
i. I think I'm giving up :( It just seems like I don't have enough willpower to curb bad eating habits, and I haven't been exercising properly or with purpose.
ii. New goal - Lose 13 pounds by my wedding. In Jesus' name, Amen!
5. Read at least 13 books (Bible included) by the end of the year i. One book or more per month and
ii. One Year Bible
i. I've read 4 books so far. 3 books behind. I'll catch up within the next month or 2.
ii. I even joined a Book Club and have never gone to a meeting - DISASTER much?!
ii. I'm restarting the 90-Day Bible Plan. *hides face*
6. Put on my makeup before I leave the house daily i. Wake up 5 minutes earlier.
ii. Have makeup palette laid out for easy access.
i. Still doing my makeup in my car :-|
7. Make one beaded accessory monthly i. Plan ahead - necklace, ear rings, rings... decide beforehand.
ii. Look up DIY blogs and Etsy for creative ideas.
i. The last thing I made was in March or April. I think I should sit at home on Sunday and just face this goal.
9. Find and volunteer once a month at a charity i. List interests and things-that-touch-my-heart.
ii. Start researching online and via church.
iii. Ask parents if/how I can help with their philanthropy.
i. I never went back to the Orphanage near my house :(
ii. We kinda completed a community project at church. I should share pictures.
iii. Since my mum already does charity work, my siblings and I have decided to donate financially
10. Go to England and Greece or Ghana i. Decipher when the next potential work break is.
ii. Start scouting tickets for that period on various airlines.
iii. Start contacting friends/family for accommodation purposes.
i. Neither of these is feasible anymore. Unless maybe Ghana. Somebody please tell Cakes that we should go before the year runs out.
11. Read my Bible, pray every day, and fast more often i. Wake up early!!!
ii. Utilize YouVersion bible/devotional plans.
iii. Praying is TALKING to God, so just TALK!
i. Confession: I do well for a few days or weeks, and then stop for a whiiiiiiiiiile. And the cycle continues. At this point, I should be VERY VERY strong spiritually, but it seems so out of reach. And I know I have to make the effort myself, because God's near and always with me, and waiting for me to come to him. 
12. Follow Nigerian news weekly – not just entertainment news, and not just on Bella Naija i. Ask around and research Nigerian news outlets.
ii. Select and subscribe to 1 or 2 - email deliveries?
i. Do Facebook, Twitter and text updates count as news outlets?
ii. I listen to the morning news on radio, maybe 3 days a week. That's better than nothing.
13. Get a fulfilling/rewarding job i. Write down skills, hobbies, interests.
ii. Update resume.
iii. Subscribe to job websites and keep an active lookout.
i. Someone please explain to me how having an MBA is a deterrent to hiring me?!?! I'm too qualified/old to be a recent graduate, but too underqualified to be an experienced hire. I'm tired jo

You might have noticed that I took one goal off this updated table. I was told that it might not be the best, most secure idea to write about my personal money goals and progress here. I quite agree, so let's just say that Goal 8 is to have an Emergency Savings Account, and the progress is this: I'm saving some money, but in June/July, I allowed myself to slack a little and not worry about being on a very stringent budget. What's the point of having money if you never get to enjoy it, right?

Have a pretty, berryful weekend! What I've got lined up are Jet-skiing, rehearsals, and a comedy show at This Present House on Sunday. Y'all should come!

Tim Godfrey and Frank Edwards are amazing performers! Akpororo is on a different level of funny!

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  1. Trust me dear ure not doing that badly though there's still plenty of room to reach and surpass all targets......quite an interesting read, got an idea or two myself. Tgurl

    1. Thanks. I'm working on it with a renewed effort.

  2. lol! I agree ,really, what's the point in having money when you can't spend it ....but really, this isn't helping me save..lol!
    You're doing really good and I'm motivated to keep mine...(funny,my goals are similar in a way!) For the bible bit, I downloaded an app that reminds me in the am and pm, Dailydevotion and it's helped me.


    1. Lol! Spending is the DEATH of Saving, but we need to spend sometimes.

      Yay to similar goals! I actually get my daily devotionals in my email now, and still... :(


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