June 17, 2013

What I Did This Weekend


How was your weekend? I hope it was pretty! Mine was unpretty, then pretty, then unpretty again, and ended up just there.

I'll only show you the pretty part, of course :D

There was an event - Women Celebrating Women - in Lagos on Saturday night. One of my best girls was one of the performing artists, and she graciously invited a few of us to come. So I wondered and pondered on what to wear. At such events, there are bunches of celebs, businesswomen, leaders, socialites and more. And of course, the RED CARPET.

I was all giddy and wanted to look hawt! I thought about wearing a long evening dress (one of my grandma's) but thought better of it. After all, I wasn't performing. It's not like I'm a celebrity or anything, so what would be the point of a glam gown? So I ended up with a very simple dress, paired it with black sandals and a necklace I made a few years ago.


Oh, and Cakes and I stopped over at a friend's birthday get-together and shot some pool. FYI, Cakes won I ALLOWED Cakes to win both times - no matter what he says. I purposely put in the 8-ball in both games :p

The event started late - what else is new in Nigeria? And there was an hour and a half of speeches!!! Yes, women have accomplished a lot, but I was really hungry and couldn't wait to leave. As soon as my girl sang, Cakes and I were outta there and went looking for SHAWARMA!!!

And that was my pretty day for the weekend.

Have a gorgeous week ahead!

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  1. My blog sis with many talents... Pool/snooker too :-)

    Love the hair and the dress suits you


  2. Cute 'fit! Btw I love your NYSC blog even though it has successfully scared me.

    1. Awww, don't be scurred. It's not that bad, I promise.

  3. Hot! Love your hair.


  4. I rmbr u from UDSS. Ur hair is lovely. Did u flat iron it?

    1. Thank you. I wish it was my real hair, but it's not. :(

      Ah, UDSS - Knowledge, discipline and progress!

  5. Looking good as usual. What did you do to your hair? Straighten or fix?


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